KH front handle/bumper?

Is there anywhere to buy replacements for this? I might get KH freestyle seat and I need the handle.

KH Handle

Hi Rayden,
I do not think there are any standard replacement KH handles but sell a handle that I understand fits the KH. Unfortunately yellow is the only colour at present but Roland says he has not heard anyone break one yet.


I’msure to fit the handles to the Velo freestyle, you’d need to unstaple the cover as there’s only two bolts to hold the freestyle bumper on and you need four for the KH handle. And I’m not sure there’s a stiffener plate in the Freestyle, though I could be wrong. Why not buy a regular KH with a handle included?

i believe the only difference between a kh freestyle and a kh saddle, is the lack of handle, so if you want the handle, you just want to buy a normal kh saddle. Im sure if you ring up they will let you know about this.

This is true, sort of. Both styles are the same in terms of the saddle frame, padding and reinforcements. will be carrying replacement handles this year, when their new shipment comes in.

However, as someone already mentioned, the handle requires 4 bolts, and the bumper only two bolts.

The 2004 KH freestyle saddle frame will have 4 bolts installed in the saddle frame, even though only 2 are being used, so that they can be retrofitted with a handle. For current freestyle saddles, it may be necessary to pull off the cover and padding and drill 2 extra holes for the handle.

The KH20 freestyle unicycle will come with a front bumper on the saddle plus an extra handle as well.


Kris Holm.

The reason I was asking was because I am looking at getting a unicycle that I thought came with a freestyle KH saddle. Turns out it comes with a Viscount saddle so my original reason for asking is gone.

Thanks for the response though. I was also wondering about getting replacements, but it sounds like in the near future they will be available.

Speaking of KH seats, are there any plans on getting rid of the staple design and making a cover that is easier to remove/ replace? This seemed to be the biggest drawback to the KH seats when we were discussing them previously.

Yes. I worked on this last Fall and am currently riding on a KH saddle prototype that is really nice.

The fabric is upgraded with thicker and more durable synthetic leather on the central section and better quality Kevlar on the front and back.

The removeable saddle cover also has a very good drawstring and elastic closure around the bottom that is secure and does not get in the way of your fingers for seat-out-in-front moves.

It will be available separately for anyone wishing to upgrade their current saddle, and also fits Miyata, Carbonfibre and Viscount seats.

Having the saddle cover removable also seems to increase comfort because the foam flexes better when it isn’t glued to the cover.

These saddles and covers will be available for Summer/Fall 2004 at and Bedford Unicycles.

All going well, the Summer '04 saddle will also have a more comfortable front handle, with thicker material where you grip.


Is it possible to put a Roach type seat cover on it?

These covers will replace the old Roach and KH-brand ballistics nylon covers. These older covers were designed to fit the Miyata or Carbonfibre saddles, but they don’t fit that well on the KH saddles.