Kh freeride- any reviews?


maybe i am going to buy a kh freeride…

Are there any reviews?


Here are some reviews from I have one and it is really nice (sorry that’s not much of a review)

I have one: it’s great.
-very light
-cool frame color
-signed by the master Kris Holm :stuck_out_tongue:
-very strong

I haven’t got any problems with it except that my rim broke by a manufactury fault but I got a new one 4 FREE.
If you are goinging to buy one, buy it on
The price there is now VERY low.
My opinion: just buy it:D

thanks a lot!

what can you say about the rim, holds it when there is no manufactury fault ?

Yes its a very strong rim

just get one, they’re the best uni’s out ther! I have one and i havn’t had 1 problem, and she’s took some abuse!

The freeride is the best stock MUni you’re going to get. It’s got the KH splined cranks, arguably the best in the industry, a nice wide rim in case you like to run low tire pressures for really nasty downhill MUni, a wide selection of crank sizes (bested only by the koxx crankset), strong seatpost, adjustable seat angle, and one of the most comfortable stock seats around (especially now that they’ve swapped to dual-layer).

My only complaint would be with the frame clearance, it’s a bit on the low side.

If you’re going to be doing riding offroad, in the snow, anything where you don’t think a uni could go, this thing is great. What you get for the price is definitely a bargain. I’m sure anyone who owns one will agree.

I own the protype frame for the KH FreeRide and man its is the smoothest running unicycle I have ever been on. Since it is the prototype frame I dont have the kh onza cranks so i am running profiles, but still its nice and light and the frame doesnt have any give to it so there is no flexing which feels nice. It’s a unicycle everyone should have


My one complaint was that the wheel came a good 2mm out of round. Otherwise pretty nice.

the seat clamp was crap, but hear thats been changed to a beefer one.

personaly i didint like the name and model logo’s being etched into the paint…i prefer stickers so i can remove them.

Yes I know what you mean.I recked mine to.

may you can post a picture of the seat clamp ?

here are some pictures…

My KH24 also had a crap seatpost clamp. photo here. I replaced it with a Surly Constrictor ($15). Also, my KH seatpost broke where the aluminum post connects to the rail adapter on the seatpost. Weird area to break, but it just started swiveling. The folks at UDC were great about it and sent me a different seatpost. Other than that, I love my muni. I ordered the long frame from UDC and a Gazz. It’s a great combo. I’ve done some trial riding, but have only had it a couple months… in the snow. It performs well. My wheel came out of true, too. But that’s an easy fix. A few more pictures. I would definitely recommend this muni. I’ve done some riding on a Qu-ax 24" and an Onza 24" and I like the ride on my KH much better. The Onza seems to make a lot more noise and the Qu-ax is heavier. If you have the funds, go for it.

ya thanks for all this great comments, it helps me really well.

and yeha i have bought it:) :smiley:


The KH is the best Muni going these days. The only comparable rig is the Wilder/Profile combo but it’s no longer made. The only room for improvement is on the top end, from the seat post clamp on up, but keeping these components is probably what makes the rig so affordable. If you slowly upgrade to a Salsa clamp, Thompson seat post and Scott Wallis CB seat you’ve got the best rig possible–but you’ve also spent another 500 bucks. Last time I rode with Kris he was on a totally stock Freeride and he rode everything imaginable, so the stock model sure won’t hold you back. A slightly wider rim–somewhere between a Large Marge and the current Freeride rim–would be nice for really rugged DH stuff, and I think the wider model is in the works.

Considering what 550 bucks will get you in the bike world, the Freeride is a steal.