KH frame?

Hello people

For a while I have been considering upgrading my nimbus trials unicycle. I have decided to do this by maybe getting me a KH frame but before I do that what will the benefits of this £100 frame be?

first thing I’ll say is that it’s not the kind of upgrade which is going to massively change or improve your riding.
but, it will make your unicycle feel a lot nicer to ride, and it’s a fairly big weight saving which contributes to that “nicer” feeling.
There are other things which would probably be more beneficial to your riding, but I don’t know exactly what you’ve got so I can’t really say what.

Mine certainly felt better than the cheap steel frame it replaced. Couldn’t really say why, bit lighter, bit stiffer. Unfortunately it snapped in two, it wasn’t even under much stress at the time. Probably worked at 50p per hour and a bashed knee, hard to say if it was worth it, probably not.

you had the 07 model, which has been heavily improved upon since then.
your comments really don’t hold any importance, you’re not talking about the same frame that “Moth” wants.
EDIT: not even the 07, that’s the 05 frame.
years and years of development have happened since that, you really should stop bitching about the KH stuff.

First off, why do you want to upgrade your frame?

If you just want to change the feel of the unicycle and you haven’t upgraded the rim yet that is what I would change.

The rim on the Nimbus is a bit narrow compared to other trials unicycles. When I replaced my Nimbus rim with a Tri-All 47mm rim ti made a huge difference. Getting rid of the old CC and replacing it with a new Monty Eagle Claw also helped quite a bit.

After the wheel upgrade I swapped out the frame and while it definitely made the unicycle a lot lighter but the feel really didn’t change much. Remember though that you can’t only replace the frame but need to change the seatpost to match the frame seat-tube size.

Thanks for the advice, AlisterBurt, I’ll bear it in mind. Moth asked for opinions so I gave mine. I wish I’d have been given similar advice before buying but unfortunately its only since I bought it I’ve found out just how prone to failure these frames have been. This isn’t the only KH failure I’ve had, although it was the most expensive and damaging. Lesson learned for me, and I’m just passing that on to another member of the community.

Well, I don’t know what other failures you’ve had, but I know that the KH frames have improved a ton since the 05 model.
Moth was indeed looking for opinions, opinions on the frame which he plans to buy, which are not what you gave :stuck_out_tongue:

Saskatchewanian makes a good point, I forgot about the 42mm rims, a new rim would definitely be the best first upgrade to make.
Although, if you want to change just the rim you would have to rebuild the wheel, depends what you want to do. :slight_smile:

So would there be a frame that would improve my unicycling greatly?

If you’re looking for something to improve your unicycling greatly, I think the most effective thing to do is go practice. :wink:

The frame makes very little difference. Some are slightly lighter, some slightly stronger, some better aligned but there’s really not much in it and if you are good enough to really notice the difference you probably already know what you want :slight_smile:

Rim and tyre is more noticable.

Depending on your riding the saddle can make a big difference, more so for distance stuff, though.

Julia has it. Just go out and ride. If it breaks replace it, don’t worry about upgrades to working parts.

If spending money makes you want to ride more then do it! :smiley:

rim and tire will make the biggest the difference, possibly even the hub!

For going cheap you can get a drilled KH or K1 rim that is wider and lighter than the nimbus and then get a Monty Eagle Claw tire if you like to ride trials a lot or if you are more into street and flat possibly a Try-all. Personally the I would only upgrade the frame last unless you are hitting your knees on it. The Kh frame is just fine and you wont bust your knees on it that much :stuck_out_tongue:

The frame is the least important part of the unicycle. Seat / seatpost, rim, tire, pedals & cranks are all way more important.

I think a carbon fiber seat base is the most noticeable change. Pedals and tire are probably next.

Upgrade stuff either because you broke it, or because you’ve got the cash and you’re excited about having new parts. Most of it won’t improve your riding a bit.

Again, im not sure what kind of riding you are doing either, but if your in to flatland, different pedals might make a difference to. I know especially when i was trying to learn 3-spins, i really hurt my thumb and wrist from trying to torque the uni. After my thumb healed, i threw on some plastics, (instead of my heavy metal) and now it just glides through the air! and that was probably the first upgrade i did to my nimbus! Oh yeah, what kind of cranks are you riding? If you have KH moments, and are interested in learning rolls, Rollo-discs helped me wonders to! (although, people have mixed feelings on them):smiley: