KH Frame weight (Taiwan) & seat post tube ID


Anyone know what the weight difference is between the Taiwan KH frame and the USA built KH frame size 24"?

Also, what is the ID of the seat post tube on the Taiwan model?



I haven’t weighed the frame alone but it comes with a shim sized to fit a 27.2 diam. post. Are you looking for the actual seat tube I.D.?




Thanks for responding. I wanted to know what seat post size fits. Are you using the 27.2 sized seat post with shims? Any idea what fits in their without the shims?

Does anyone run it without the shims?

from what i remember of my KH24 Pro,was a 28.8 post fit in without a shim.

i dont know for sure about the exact differance in weight but,im almost positive the Taiwan version is has slightly longer legs.

Re: KH Frame weight (Taiwan) & seat post tube ID

It’s actually a Canadian built frame… :slight_smile:


I got to talk to John Drummond today. :slight_smile: He says the weight is 2.88 lbs. That’s 2 lbs 14 oz. The Pro version is 2.64 lbs. That is equal to 2 lbs 10 oz. Both are weighed with the brake mounting clamps attached.