KH crank bolts

I’ve noticed that one of my crank bolts loosens up after riding. I’m guessing that the crank arms need to settle in on the axle splines. I’ve used the hex wrench on my crank extractor to torque it down. I’m tightening hand tight, should I be using a torque wrench? What spec should I be tightening to? Has anyone else noticed this?


Some people Loctite their crank bolts…but I’ve never needed to. You should be torquing them down pretty hard. I’d say about 40 ft*lbs…but I’m not completely sure.

35-40ftlbs is about right.

you could make sure that there is grease on your crank arm bolt too, just to be on the safer side of things…

i have put 80 ft/lbs and had crank bolts come loose
so i put loctite and about 50 ft/lbs and they stayed, definitely use loctite if you have a continuing problem

Don’t worry about a torque wrench.

Do worry about dry threads. You’ll be able to tighten the bolt better if you lube the bolt. You can use anti-sieze or loctite… the advantage with loctite is that the bolt will stay in place a bit longer.

Use the blue (medium strength) formula of loctite and you’ll be good to go for a while.