kh carbon fiber base question

hey guys,

 I was wondering if you can drill a kh cf base to fit a kinport handle. considering the curve of the handle space on the kh base might be the same a the curve of the miyata.



The Kinport handle does not fit down into the KH style CF base because it is a little too wide. It would probably go if you did some grinding on the corners of the Kinport, but it could compromise the strength.

It would also not fit tightly up to the lower edge of the base because the KH style base is shallower than the Miyata style, but that is just a cosmetic issue.


Thanks for the explanation Scott.

Ok well I have a question too that has something to do with this…sort of. I have a miyata cf base with a reeder right now and if I wanted to switch to a kinport ever would it be bad to drill more holes in the base? If I drilled it again for a kinport then there will be 6-7 holes in the front of my base( I don’t know how many bolts are on a kinport) Will it compromise that much strength if the front of my base looks like swiss cheese? :slight_smile:

Strengthwise I doubt there would be a problem. But, chances are the front hole on the Reeder will not fall in exactly the same place as the Kinport hole needs to be but they may overlap wich could be a bit of a problem if you end up with an oversize hole that won’t hold the bolt head. If that happens you can probably epoxy the hole up and redrill it.

Oh ok. Thanks