KH Bloodied Handkerchief

As seen on eBay

I don’t believe it. This is ridiculous. Hilarious. You think you’ll sell it for that price? I am a huge fan of Kris, but I wouldn’t even pay one cent for that.

April Fools Silly!


Dang, you got me. Should have been prepared for things like that.:slight_smile:
Anyways, time’s up for april fools now, at least over here, just in case you were going to make another one like that.

That’s a good one. Leave it on there and see if it sells, lol.

Perhaps you could even get it signed by Kris, as to add more value.

i will use the DNA sample to clone my own race of supreme unicyclists!!!

Hey JS!

funny post.
Reminds me of Anthony Gatto’s recent EBay auction of his sweaty clothes from his discovery channel spot.

Except Anthony put the clothes up himself.
(Anthony is the Kris holm of Jugglers)

Thanks again for all your help in MOAB!

Hmmm…no one bid…