kh bc

do bc wheels have special hubs? if so is there anyway to convert a kh20 wheel set into a bc

You need a bmx hub. Buy a 14mm bmx hub and lace it to your rim and get some plates.

BCs have bike hubs so they can coast, not uni hubs.

BC wheels have free wheeling hubs. Like on the front wheel of a bike. Uni’s have direct drive hubs (or whatever they are called) and there is no way of making a uni wheel into a BC wheel.

(Well you can use the same kind of spokes and rim as a uni wheel, and tire for that matter)

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You could make a uni wheel into a BC wheel by chopping off the crank tapers, and devising a plate attachment system that uses the unicycle bearings and main caps.

But it’s easier to get a BMX wheel.

I think the bearings would die super fast, because there would be a heavy inward force.

A bc wheel is a front wheel off a bike. No way to use a uni hub.

That is just a rediculous thing to do.