KH air seat & KH seatpost (at NAUCC)

I’m at NAUCC, but will be willing to ship if items go unsold while I’m here. Pix at bottom.

KH Freeride Air Saddle, very lightly used (see the UDC product here). This is a $90 saddle that I want to TRADE for a normal KH freeride or street saddle; maybe even a Koxx or Impact saddle.

KH Rail Seatpost with Brake Mount, used $25
The seatpost is cut to between 200mm and 250mm: fine for a normal person on a 24". This is a combination of two products you can find here and here.

Seat Post

Hey, Thenoli. What is the seat Post Diameter?

Seatpost is 27.2mm (Wow, i can’t believe i forgot to write that).

Update on the saddle: UDC said they’d send me a foam and new cover to conver that saddle to a regular KH seat. So, as long as they pull through, the saddle is no longer available.

Here’s the image i meant to use as the second one for the seatpost.