KH Air Saddle

Hello everyone, I am doing a 62km bicycle tour, and I’m on the market for an air saddle.

That caught my eye, but it is really worth the 79$ or should I just make my own with my spare miyata?


I say just make your own…Itll be cheaper and its not very hard to do.

Agreed. I bought one and now I don’t even use it (replaced it with a regular KH seat).

I would recommend getting a gel seat instead, I found Air seats to actualy put too much pressure in unwanted areas.

If you want an air saddle make your own. You can do a better job. Follow the instructions in my airseat gallery.

But airseats really aren’t the best option for long distance Coker riding. It’s like sitting on a water bed. It puts pressure equally everywhere. When you move to a different part of the seat it puts pressure in the same places in the same way. You can’t reposition yourself on the seat to change the pressure points. Air seats are very comfortable for 10 miles. The get less comfortable and slightly numbing for 20 miles. For longer rides they get progressively worse.

A good foam seat can be better. The new KH Fusion Freeride saddle looks like it will be a great Coker saddle. Otherwise just carve away at the standard foam to flatten out the seat profile and tweak it the way you like it.

I still use an air seat on my muni because the air seat adds a bit of extra suspension. But on my Coker I’m now all foam.

i like my airseat and i do distance on it. it might just me, but i like doing distance with it.

My comments about air seats and comfort are just rules of thumb. They’re not hard and fast rules. Seat comfort is going to be different for different people. Some people love their air seat for distance riding and Coker tours. Others wonder how they can stand using and air seat for long rides and tours. It’s something that you have to find out for yourself which camp you fit in.

Hmm how about a KH with a nice handle?

if so where can i get a nice one?



What do you mean by “nice handle”?
Are you thinking of something like a Reeder handle or maybe a Scott Wallis DeathGrip?

I bought a KH air seat. I have always felt it is poorly designed - my opinion. Regardless of the design, I find it to be extremely uncomfortable. I used it 3 or 4 times and now it just sits on the shelf. The folded 20-inch tube makes me sit off center which does not help with riding.

Re: KH Air Saddle

Wheel Rider <> writes:

> I bought a KH air seat. I have always felt it is poorly designed - my
> opinion. Regardless of the design, I find it to be extremely
> uncomfortable.

I don’t know about your saddle, but I found adding a couple of layers
of foam on top of the air pillow made a huge difference. My muni
saddle uses an old sock to contain the folded inner tube, a piece of
SoleFlex 24 foam (stiff foam from a boot fitter) in the middle, and
then some foam from an old RidgeRest camping pad.

It was a fair amount of work to find a solution that works pretty
well, but even so the saddle is lopsided (warped CF base and
difficulty containing the inner tube) and not everyone likes it.
Also, my airseat is very bouncy. Spinning on a flat trail with the
175mm cranks of my old KH24 requires a lot of effort to combat the
tendency to bounce.

Still, I find it more comfortable for long term sitting than my other
saddles (KH, Miyata, Bedford Air).


umm, like the one on camerons coker

just like that.


That’s the GB4 Coker handle. I don’t think it’s still available. It is something you’d have to make custom now.

To use a handle like that you need a reinforced seat base. A plastic seat base will flex and fail due to the pushing down and pulling up with that sort of handle. With that sort of handle you push down to take the weight off the seat and that will kill a plastic seat base in short order. You can go with a reinforced Miyata seat base using the GB4 stiffener plate. Or go for a carbon fiber seat base.