KH air saddle vs. Torker air saddle

Hi, everyone…

I’ve tried a search on this site and didn’t find anything for this question.

In buying a KH Free Ride, would a KH air saddle be better than the Torker air saddle that UDC sells? I wouldn’t be doing killer Muni stuff, just basic off-road riding.

I have a Torker air saddle, but haven’t ever heard about the KH. I have a standard issue KH saddle that came with my 29er, but the trough of the thing makes it hard to ride.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


I have a KH & Torker LX and the LX is flatter and more comfortable IMHO.

its the same thing pretty much but i think the kh comes w/ the saddle shape pillow (maybe the torker too idk)

hes talking about the air saddles not regular saddles