KH adjustable seatpost & saddles

Hi everybody,

I got a KH adjustable seatpost and, when I unpacked it, I noticed that the curved part on top is significantly thicker than regular seatposts.

A while later, I got my hands on a K1 saddle and was surprised that the bolts sticking out of the base were too short !

I am starting to wonder: is the KH adjustable seatpost usually used with longer bolts on new style saddles ? Or is it just this particular saddle that is short ?

I don’t have comparison points available as the only other saddle I have is a Naomi I replaced the bolts because it was the UDC UK short batch and the diameter is too bit for the adjustable drilling.

Thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:

I think the standard saddle attachment method these days is for the screws to go into the saddle. Those screws are substantially longer than the ones that stick out of the saddle in the older style.

There was a batch of K1 saddle with very (too) short bolts, Roger sold them with big discount, may be this is one of those ? Contact him to know

Thanks Bouin-Bouin for the info. I got the saddle from Renegade Juggling but it can be from the same batch with too short bolts.

Funny that I end up with another saddle to upgrade :smiley:

Next stop: the hardware store !

Wasn’t that impact not k1.

2 years of riding KH Adjustable seatpost:

Here is the follow-up on this story:

I took the saddle apart to replace the bolts. The ones installed were 0.75in long and just reaching the outer limit of the KH seatpost (like a clean-cut).

I replaced them with some carriage bolts 1.25in long with stop nuts & a brass washer and it was a smooth install (like with any new saddle). I could have gone for 1in long bolts on the back judging the extra thread that shows but it is a detail.

The final pic to come when I am back home :slight_smile:

may be you’re right, I cannot remember exactly

It was definitely Impact. That was after K1 went under so they would not have been receiving a shipment of K1 saddles.