KH 36 with Schlumpf, etc.

KH 36 with Schlumpf hub (M 0427) for sale. The unicycle was put together by Bronson Silva in the summer of 2011. It includes Magura brakes, KH 125/150 cranks, a Numbus handle and a bell. The unicycle and hub works very well and it has been maintained with care. The unicycle include the original Schlumpf manual and tools, and includes a torsion wrench for the shifters and 4 syringes of hub grease. The wheel build by Silva is excellent and has been trouble free. It runs true, which means that the brakes are smooth. It has the standard nightrider tire and a light-weight Foss tube. The unicycle has under 1200 miles on it, essentially all of it road riding. It is a great unicycle that I am not riding enough to justify keeping it around. Total cost was about $2800, and I will ask $2000. I am in southern California; local buyers preferred.





I’m really surprised there’s no sales action on this fine looking machine. What are you hub-lusters waiting for!?! Good luck, scott ttocs.

They are waiting to save up 2 grand lol

The excitement is palpable!

OK, maybe not, but I do want to sell it. Let me propose an $1,800 price (tools included) and yes, I will ship it. I believe I have the box, and I would be glad to discuss how to package it up for safe shipping. (Local sales are still preferred–it would just be easier.)

Happy (uni)cycling!


$1800 for a KH36 + a Schlumpf is a very good offer. I hope you can find a new owner for that great uni.

Indeed… PM sent

Unicycle sold!

Thank you Justin.


OK, Here we go. Focus. Speed… I am Speed.

Warp Engines Engage.

Thanks Scott!

Lucky you!!!:wink:

Great picture!

Have fun!