kh 36 owners, are you happy with your choice?

I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed my choice of 36 down to kh.

Just wondering for all the KH 36 owners out there if you would buy it again or would you buy a different brand?

I just pulled the trigger on a KH36. It’s stuck in transit somewhere in the ice storm that ripped through GA. No matter, I’m stuck in South America a few more days anyway.

I absolutely labored over the decision. In the end what pushed me over the edge was the fact that the KH frame has tabs for both rim brakes and disk brakes. If I go rim brake I can swap the brake between my other unis (that don’t have disk tabs or spirits). That and I have a few extra seat posts (spare parts) that fit the KH frame.

Another small factor… the kh seat post is fully adjustable, though I never really ran into issues with the nimbus seat posts… and they sell KH adjustable seat posts that fit the nimbus frame.

Ultimately I think both are fine choices, I shouldn’t have made the decision more difficult that it was. One mystifying thing about the KH… it comes with the heavier tube. The foss tube is like a pound lighter so I don’t understand why any 36er comes with the heavier version. Makes no sense.

If you don’t want to buy a 36er Foss tube, you can use a 29er tube which weighs about the same as the 36er Foss tube.

see the most recent posts on this thread

Have they fixed the creaking on the KH?

I heard there were some issues with the hubs making sounds and some even breaking down after awhile or at least getting louder.

and one that was recently on sale for rather cheap with the creaking issue made me think twice.

I love all my KH Unis. (20",24",29", & 36") I would not hesitate to buy another KH.

I’ve been following most threads about kh vs nimbus, and the “post your 36” thread as well. I’m not wanting a brake… yet so I’ve been leaning towards the KH. If I was going to have a brake, I don’t think I would go disc. So I like the flexibility of the different kinds of mounts the kh provides.

Now I’m thinking about just buying a 36 wheel and the kh frame, as I have all the rest of the parts and it looks like it will save me almost 300 bucks if I have figured correctly.

But which one could you get? Looks to me like you have all the models! :slight_smile:

Not the KH 26 :slight_smile:

Gosh, my bad, I skipped it!
Harley, when are you getting your 26"? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the original deluxe Coker, then an aluminium KH, and now a Triton 36".

The KH is a good uni for the price, but I found the Triton better value because the frame lasts so much longer, and it’s stiffer.

I’m seeing a lot of flex in my KH36 since switching to the disc vs rim brake. Is the Triton quantitatively better stiffness wise than the KH aluminum frame or is this a leverage issue based upon the torque point?

Disc TRP Spyre is very nice and smooth : )

Major $$$'s for the upgrade, not that I don’t like bling and I never got a Ti road bike! - pax

I have a stock “naked” 2010 KH 36. It’s a great uni. Recently the hub/axle slop has started so I’ll need to do a wheel rebuild at some point, but other than that it’s been fantastic. I built a KH 36 for my wife with a D’Brake (pre disc frame) and disc (and a Nimbus hub). It’s my main commuter uni in the snow (with the AWESOME Todd tire).

My first 36 was a twin hoop Nimbus Nightrider (square taper hub). I’ve had personal experience with the Titan, and we have several completely satisfied locals with them. There’s an Oracle locally too. I’ve got a Hunter as well. (I guess we’ve checked out a lot of 36" unis…)

As far as the KH 36 goes, it’s a great uni. It’s much stiffer than the Nightrider was. I did find that I had brake rub with the Magura rim brake on the wheel I build for my wife. It was a function of the spokes being a bit too long and I couldn’t get the spoke tension high enough. On the other I got the tension in the 22ish range on the Park TM-1 and I’ve never had a problem with cranks ranging from 100s to 150s.

Would I buy KH again? Yes. For many around here the Titan has been more than enough. The Oracle is loved by it’s owner too.

The KH for me is stiff enough- with the wheel tensioned well. A disc brake makes the wheel flex a non-issue.

I think the Hunter rides the smoothest of the 36ers I’ve tried, but it’s also heavier than the KH (and not readily available).

A Triton would be most likely be the ultimate “production” uni, but it comes at a price. I think the KH and Oracle are close to each other, unless you want a Schlumpf- then the Oracle 36 is out.

Then again, we have several people with Titans that love them. Picking a 36 depends on what you expect of it and how much you’re willing to spend.

Ken- is your Triton set up with a Schlumpf and disc? Is the crown wider than the KH? If so, by how much? On the fat frame my knees unfortunately painfully hit the crown. The frame was beautiful and rode great, but I couldn’t ride it and it had to go to a new home. I’m wondering if the narrower frames might work.

I also started on an original deluxe Coker, then I made the mistake on “upgrading” to the Coker V2 when it first came out. Then, I finally made the decision to buy the Triton from Jeff at I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Jeff was amazing to work with!!!

I think I pretty much have the bases covered with the 24 & 29 but I am planning on retiring next week so maybe I need to consider a retirement gift to myself, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…?

Definitely, you deserve a gift. What about a 26" with a disc brake and a slightly lighter tire than the 3.0 Duro on your 24"…

Thanks for posting this! This is very good info. If the Titan would have an ISIS hub option I would get it, I’d rather keep all my rides ISIS for interchangeability of cranks.

Ι would buy titanium Triton frame for my KH36.
Bought 4 years ago standard. Now it has geared hub, brakes and handle.

:astonished: Noooooooooo!!! I will not give up my Duro. I love Duro tires. :smiley:

I sure hope they make Duro tires for 26er’s. Or maybe its time I crawled out from under my rock & experimented with some other options :o.

My nimbus 26 muni is sporting a well worn duro, I assure you they exist. I can also assure you they are heavy. :wink: One other thing, that uni has never had a pinch flat.

My KH36 just came in the mail. I usually suffer from buyers remorse with everything I buy for myself - even the stuff I really, really enjoy. So far I haven’t felt buyers remorse over this purchase. It’s a first. :smiley: