CREAK! Click! CREAK! Spoke problem?

Just got off the phone with udc. Details forthcoming and the news is a bit troubling for those having “creaking” issues, if you own a newer kh uni of any size.

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I also noticed that my original KH24 wheelset seemed to creak more than my rebuilt wheelset. The original had the stock black painted spokes while my newer edition had the normal chrome. Is it possible that the painted spokes could creak more because of the friction between the painted surfaces? FWIW, both wheelsets were tightened up to similiar spoke tensions and used on the same unicycle frame, seat, cranks and pedals…

Yep, my Qu-ax 29" creaks but my Nimbus muni doesn’t.

I was told by udc that the early batches of the new KH “splined” hubs (that come standard on all 2010 kh unis) were press-fit dry, and without lubing. I’m told that this can cause creaks that most people would assume was coming from either improperly tensioned spokes, loose cranks and/or saddles and so forth.

So if your kh uni has creaks that you have failed to identify after checking everything else, this is likely the cause. The “fix” which I was told should work, is to remove the wheel from the frame, remove the cranks, bearings and spacers. Take some chain lube like “triflow” and apply it directly to the the axle where it interfaces with the hub.

You’ll see little “teeth” which are the interlocking splines. This is were you want to apply the lube. You might follow this up with a lithium type grease and brush it in. Reassemble and try it. I am about to put my 36er back together as it was having creaks that were still present after trying everything else.

On another note, I had to send my 29er hub back to udc because it was actually LOOSE at the splines. I could literally pull the axle back and forth, which apparently was the reason for the god-awful noise I was hearing while riding the trail yesterday! They are going to replace it under warranty, including a new wheel build.

After ruling out spokes, cranks, bearings, and saddle as the cause of all the creaks and squeaks, it turned out that ALL the noise was coming from…my HUB(s)! I was having terrible sounds coming from my kh 29er, which is the latest model, with the new kh moment hub. My 36er was also creaking, but only when I would mount or apply extra torque to the cranks, and it was LOUD!

Anyway, these new moment hubs are “press fitted” with a splined system, rather than a traditional weld at the flanges. The problem, according to Josh at udc, was that the first batches of the hubs were apparently “dry-fitted”, without lubrication, (as I stated in the previous post) causing the creaking, which some unsuspecting riders might mistakenly attribute to the spokes or cranks! I was one of them!

So, being the awesome company that they are, udc rebuilt my 29er wheel with a new kh hub, and also sent me a replacement hub for my 36er. Both are now back in perfect working order and they are both as quiet as a mouse…without the squeak! :smiley: Thanks again UDC! :slight_smile:

I have a 2010 KH 36 and have been having this creeking problem with it to for sometime . . . and was confused by what it could be, and checked the spokes and cranks and everything ells like the rest of you. So I was rather relieved when muniaddict poasted what it was. so last week I took off the cranks, bearings and spacers and oiled up the axle, and the problem was solved and it was beautifully quite and I was very happy . . . . but then yesterday it started making terrible noises again that are way worse then they were before, it kinda sounds like all my spokes are snapping as i ride along.
So now I am out of ideas of what to do to fix it.

Unfortunately, the kh moment hub cannot be disassembled (for internal lubing) without damaging it, or so I’ve been told by Josh at udc. What he did suggest is to use a chain lube on both sides of the hub interface, and let it soak in.

I tried it on mine and it did not solve the problem, but yours might respond to more saturation, since you had initial success, and maybe also try a thicker grease. The problem is that even though what you did worked initially, it didn’t penetrate to have a lasting effect, and the creaking returned once it was worn away.

The splines are extremely small and the interlocking teeth are so close fitting that not much lubrication can get in, no matter how much you apply to it. But try applying some thick grease directly onto each side of the interface, then reassemble and try it again. Hopefully that will have a more lasting effect.

Thanks muniaddict. I think this weekend i will try just saturating it with as much oil as possible and see what happens, also perhaps some thicker greace.

Now it’s my turn. My KH 36 makes terrible creaking noise when under any load–Climbing/descending. I have had the wheel serviced by Silva Cycles (very high quality work). He checked bearings, pedals, lubed the spoke nipples, etc. I made sure the seat bolts are all tight. My wheel is still making the loud creaking noises. Any more information on the hub problem? I bought this unicycle in 2010.

In just my short time in unicycling I have found the following sources of unpleasant “creaking” noises that I first thought were spoke noises:

  1. Pedals (I just replaced the cheap stock pedals)
  2. Bearings “seating” on the first ride after installing the wheel (just recheck cap bolt tightness).
  3. various seat bolts coming loose
  4. the seat tube moving within the frame (cured by a thin layer of grease on the part of the tube below the clamp).

I have yet to find a loose spoke, no doubt because I’m a beginner and my riding is pretty tame. For me, riding off a curb is a huge “drop”!:slight_smile:

UDC is sending me a new hub. They are so great.

I just bought a new kh36 this month. Would I have the same defective hub? I haven’t assembled mine yet. It’s still in the box.

just assemble it and see :slight_smile:

They know about the problem so I’m sure they are sending out hubs that have since had the problem corrected. I got mine about a year ago. It was quiet for awhile but I’ve only recently started climbing steeper hills with it (finally) and that’s when it began to make the creaky, grindy noise. You are probably fine.

hi got a kh 24 3 weeks ish and the creek has started iv had the spokes checked at lbs greased every thing i can took cranks off and greased it still sounds like a old pram i dint take the bearings off no puller ill have to ring udc to see what they say :frowning:

It’s not a lube issue, the spindle is not designed to “move” in the hub body. According to UDC, the fix involves disassembling the hubs and using epoxy and pins to control movement.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the “fix”, which involves drilling though the hub body and spindle and placing installing split pins, is not effective in controlling spindle movement.

I am riding one of the fixed hubs and the creaking is driving me crazy!

I’m looking at replacing the hub with a Nimbus disc hub when they become available.

If you have a creaky hub, contact the store where you puchased the hub before one year has elapsed or you will be out of warranty!!

Breaking a hub is a big deal, requires a wheel rebuild, not so cool even if you can do it yourself. I am approaching three wheel builds as a result of these failures, not cool in the least bit.

Buyer beware, that’s all I’m saying.

My torker hub creeks like crazy but going to ride till it breaks

I had some creaks in my Nimbus 20" way back. Tightened spokes a bit and put a bit of lube where the spokes cross and touch. Creak gone.

Is there a certain serial number range on the kh uni’s that have the defective hubs? Is there going to be a general recall on these? I have a kh29 that I purchased in November of 2010 and a kh36 that I purchased in April 2011. I haven’t ridden them on any hills and have not yet experienced any creaking. I will try to put them under load this weekend.

I know danger_uni reads these forums as he has made a couple of announcements on a couple of new and exciting products. Being the manufacturer, I wish he would shed some light on the moment hub situation here.