KH 36 (mini) review

Hey everyone! I finally got my KH 36 (single speed) yesterday. It didn’t arrive until 7:10 in the evening, so by the time I had it all ready to go I didn’t have much time to do a decent test run. I just took it around the block a couple times. I instantly fell in love with the thing. Everything about it is awesome! It is extremely light (it feels about 5 pounds lighter than my 24" Torker DX), rigid, and most importantly, it is a sexy beast!:stuck_out_tongue: I love the nightrider tire. It rolls so smooth and the higher psi makes going uphill a breeze. This morning I gave the uni its first real test run; a 15 mile trip to Lake Murray, with my dad on his mountain bike. It was awesome being able to keep up with him on a uni. As we were riding around the paved track at the lake, only two bikes passed us the whole time! We rode about half the length of the track (about 1.6 miles) to the end and took a break. I switched the pedals from the 150mm position to the 125. The trailmix pedals are perfect for the dual drilled moments because you can take them off with an allen wrench instead of a pedal wrench. We then rode the full length of the track, and all the way back to the start for a total of around 9 miles. My dad was trailing me most of the way and reporting our speed on his speedometer. I was able to go over 33 kph on some downhills! (not sure what that is in mph, maybe 20?). I am really pleased with the quality of this unicycle. Everything feels rock solid and I feel like I am not wasting any energy on uphills. Climbing actually feels easier on this than my 24! I am really glad I went with the 36 instead of 29. Kris, this is truly an amazing unicycle!!! I will post some pics later tomorrow. I don’t have much experience on other 36ers (this is my first), but feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Sorry for not posting pics sooner. My dad was supposed to take some pictures at an SDuni ride yesterday but he went kayaking instead. :frowning:

Quite the glowing review! I couldn’t agree more!! IMHO: 36 > 29, KH > all :smiley:

Stiffness is incredible on that thing… Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new beast!

It looks really nice

I am very impressed at the cost as well, I was expecting something closer to 1000 $. This is really going to hurt Nimbus sales.

I can’t really justify moving up from my radial now, but if it shows up at one of the QBP discount sites in a few months, I may get one anyway LOL.

Trouble is, then I’m gonna want that geared hub to go with it. This could get expensive LOL.

Those spokes are black, are they 13g like the rest of the KH ones?

The spokes are 14g.

I have just switched from riding a Hunter36 for over 5 years and >10000 miles to a KH36 (geared). On the first ride my legs were hitting the frame gently since I was used to the nice thin tubing on the Hunter. But that was just a matter of getting used to it. By the second ride I didn’t notice it happening at all. The KH36 is a fantastic frame. I didn’t measure the weights exactly, but it was clearly lighter than the Hunter36 when I was holding them in my hands without wheels. And way stiff.

I am very happy to have made the upgrade, although going geared is the real upgrade!


If I ever buy a Coker new it is definantly going to be a KH.

yes i couldn’t help thinking when seeing the KH frame, who will buy a nimbus frame ever again? lighter, stiffer, better looking, and a comparable price.

I missed it, what is the price on these?

The nimbus frame still has its place. It is at least $80 cheaper, it looks better (in my opinion), and it allows you to lock both the wheel and the frame to a bike lock.

The KH 36 frame though is NICE. It is very light and stiff and I can’t wait to get my KH/Schlumpf 36 set up! The frame is really a thing of beauty.

Wow, KH makes 36’s now???
I really am out of the loop ):


The original KH36 is from 2003. Here is a photo:

I bought it because I thought it would solve the problem I had with the wheel rubbing on steep up and down. It turned out that it was the wheel’s fault, not the frame’s, so I sold it soon after and switched to a Hunter36 with a Stockton wheel.

The 2008 KH36 is aluminum and a great product - much more affordable than the old one.


Hey. Does anyone know how similar the color of the t7 handle is to the KH36 frame??? Its not too important but it would be nice to know :slight_smile:

Chuck had one on his KH36. I think the color looked pretty similar but you might want to ask him to get his opinion. His username is chuckaeronut