KH 29XC and 36" uni

I would like to forward this email from kris to all you guys yes even the mean ones :

"Definately the easiest way to buy
this unicycle would be from it should be available in 3 or 4 weeks, hopefully.
In fact, Norco may not initially sell these unicycles to anyone else,
because they have some strict company policies about internet sales (usually they donŽt sell to internet retailers at all, to
protect the territories of bikeshops, but after I insisted that they
sell to they decided to exclusively sell to them under the “Kris Holm” brandname, not Norco).

I’ve also got a few other (more expensive) unis coming out including a 29" for cross-country MUni and a 36" for road riding…


Is this old news? and I missed something before?

I tought Coker competition would be a welcome sight to you Touring riders.

This is definately welcome news on the touring front. I love my coker but am very much looking forward to the next generation of distance machines. Unfortunately, we’ve been waiting for the velo seats for a while now so it could be quite a while before these new wheels come out. Still looking forward to it.


ok so they’ll only be available at what does that mean for us canadaians?

send it to my house,then drive down and pick it up.

nothing like not being able to drive… :smiley:

Well has december 10th listed as the relese date for the KH uni

The 20 is listed at $379
24 at $439

Whoo Hoo! I wish I had money

Any pictures of prototypes yet?
(sorry for the blatent plug)

Having seen the 24 etc I’m interested to see if it’ll be the same flat crown design and how they eliminate flex in the frame - you’d be suprised how little you can get away with.