Kh 29 Trade

Looking for a 24 muni or maybe a 26 for my KH29.

how old of a kh 29. trade for a nimbus 24?

Also interested to know the age of the KH29. Pics?

Edit: Scrap that - didn’t look at your location.

I bought it new about a month ago. An oricle 24 nimbus would be fair if I keep my brake. We can discuss price differential if anyone is serious. A nimbus muni with a brake and 165 cranks would make me happy. Im dialing in on my favorite ride for my terrain. Im only 8 months in. Some pics in my profile…I can take more close ups. Not worried about nickels but would ask 550 strait out plus shipping if thats fair. I dont understand the ones on ebay selling for full price.

I have a nimbus 2 that is almost brand new if you want to keep your break.

I doubt many people will be trading oracles
Theyve only been available for a few days

You could always put a 24 wheel in your 29 frame

Os with a d’brake bearing cap, disc brake and a 24 rim and oracle hub you could have both a 24 and a 29

Although getting all those parts may not cost much less than whole uni

If you can afford it, Keep it, a year from now you’ll wish you had it, then you’ll end up buying another one; I speak from experience :o

I remember that advice from when I was making the purchase. That thing really slams me on the ground hard when I mess up.