KH 29 Freeride MUni

We’re in the process of moving house and I’m needing to cull the uni collection :frowning:

Looking for reasonable offers on my KH29 MUni… selling this is going to hurt as I’ve had lots of great rides on the 29’er but it gets the least use these days. The uni has been well looked after and is in great condition.

Package includes:

KH Fusion Freeride 2008 seat (not the latest seat)
KH Adjustable Seatpost
KH 47mm Freeride Rim, wheel build by Kaos Custom Bikes
KH Moment Cranks 150mm
KH Moment Hub, 2009, black
Magura HS33 including braided stainless steel lines
KH Brake bracket and KH Spooner
Odyssey Jim Cielencki Pedals

comes with tires:

Continental Mountain King 2.4 tire, very little use
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4 tire, very good condition
Schwalbe Big Apple slick, very little use
WTB Stout 2.3, very good condition

I’m based approximately 75 mins to the North West of Melbourne, Victoria. Due to shipping cost and hassle would prefer to sell it locally though I would consider sales within Australia (buyer pays all shipping costs)

Included a pic here and there are many more posted in the KH29 area of my blog

If you’re interested in making an offer PM me, or post here.



Meant to say I also have two 29 rims that could be included or sold separately - a KH 38mm (as new), and Ryno 27mm (new).

Also the KH29 MUni is for sale as a complete unit, not as parts.

A couple of pics taken this morning, also posted in my blog at:

$500 posted to adelaide?

thanks for the offer, will send you a PM

How about $500 + muni bag modified to suit your handlebar.

thanks Jimbo, have to admit have admired the bag you made a few times now. Will send you a PM tomorrow, heading off now as early morning shift coming up.

Thanks to the guys that have made offers on the 29’er. I’ve decided to hold onto it for the time being - it looks like the trails around where we’re moving will suit the 29’er and it’s too good a uni to let go ATM, unless things get desparate. Instead I’ll be selling a few of the learner/loaner uni’s - 16" and 20".

With the KH 29″ Freeride ready to ride and a beautiful Autumn afternoon calling I headed out to a challenging stretch of single track in the Wombat Forest. This particular track has always felt a little beyond the combination of my skill and the standard 29′er, and is also too far from home to ride out to on the 24″ which would probably better suit sections of the trail. It seemed like an ideal place to road test the Freeride 29′er

After experimenting with tire pressures – starting high and gradually letting air out – the feel of the Freeride was terrific, wide, stable and plush, eating bumps – overall a significant improvement off road over the standard 29′er. I had an absolute blast, riding the single track for several hours.After a hoot of an afternoon I’m considering taking off the ‘hybrid’ 137mm cranks and putting 150mm cranks back on the 29′er and tackling more challenging trails with it. The Racing Ralph worked well too, though it’s hard to judge atm without having ridden other tires on the Freeride rim.
Kris Holm Freeride 29" ‘Road Test’