KH 29" for sale

I bought this thing about a year ago, and rode it briefly once. I love it, and I’ll miss it, but it’s gotta go. It’s collecting dust. I have quite a few uni’s and haven’t found much time to ride any of them this year…booo! :angry:

I’m not going to post any pics, because I don’t have the time. It’s pretty much still brand new. There’s no magura on it, but of course it still has the factory mounts and under seat post to mount one.

I’m asking $500 for it, and buyer pays shipping. I’ve been told by my local bike dealer that they’d ship it professionally for me. They said it might be around $60 to ship, but I’ll take $40 for the shipping to anywhere in the US. I’ll cover the rest.

KH29er w/shipping $540 to your door.

I’d rather not log in here to check this so if you have inquiries please e-mail me.


You should consider lowering your price because at its $520 with double hole cranks and at its $424.95 with 150mm cranks.

Maybe you could make a trade with the person giving this offer if you’re interested in a 20"

I haven’t priced out these uni’s for a while…no good. I’ll hang on to it then. I don’t need to sell it that bad. I’ll for sure use it next summer.:slight_smile:

Actually, I just got a KH 29er from Bike Island and it came with two hole Moments, but instead of a Stout it had a Nevegal. Nice deal for $425 delivered :slight_smile: