KH 27.5 or 29"

Title says it all. Plan to pull the trigger on Thursday and need some opinions on KH 27.5 vs. 29". I’ve been riding since I was a kid. Have an old Schwinn 20".

I like trails and have some great ones that I mountain (x2 wheels)bike in Oregon. I also like to ride paved trails and road.

According to specks, they both weight the same. 14.2’ish.

Benefits of one over the other?

Get the 27.5". More fun. More maneuverable. More standard muni size. My first non-starter unicycle was a 26" Oracle muni. My neighborhood, right out the front door, is very muni friendly. After a while, I felt I should develop my road riding chops, so I bought a 29" “road” unicycle. Big mistake. I found road riding to be a combination of boredom and terror. Give me snakes and rocks over cars any day. I ended up converting the 29" to a XC/muni setup. It’s made of heavier components than my 26", adding an additional level of sluggishness to the setup. In flowy conditions, the 29" is pretty nice, but for most off-road riding, I love my 26". Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you include 26" in the list of choices? I suppose 27.5" is the new 26". You will have many more tire choices, though there are still plenty of good options for 26". It’s easy to think of a 29" as a magical road/muni unicycle, but rather than the best of both worlds, I think the 29" is the worst of both worlds–Too large and challenging to maneuver for muni, and too small and not-quite-fast-enough for exhilarating road riding. If you take your 27.5" on the road and don’t like the experience, I doubt you’re going to fall in love with road riding on the 29". But if you like riding on the road, maybe your next-next unicycle should be a 36er. Just my opinion. Bottom line: figure out the riding conditions in your neighborhood, and that will help you make a good choice.

Wow, what a great reply. Thank you! That really helps.

You’re right about the 26" as I was thinking 27.5" is seemingly the new 26".

I like having the flexibility with the 27.5". And as you say, the 36" might be another arrow in the quiver down the road.

I aspire to someday take a 36" with bars, backpack, and a tent on an extended journey! :wink:

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

A thought: get the 29" frame, but put the 27.5" wheel set in it. If you get bored later, you can put in a 29" wheel. I’ve got a 26" wheel in a 29" frame at the moment. Only a trained eye would ever notice the difference. Of course, this scheme won’t work with a rim brake. Disk brake will be fine. I don’t have a brake at all.

I’m in love with my KH29.

31" tire diameter, pedals at the 127mm, and KH handlebars. This thing flies and can roll over damn near anything.
I can pick my way up or down technical or can just roll over everything depending on my mood and ride.

I’m 6’ 3" and 180lbs.

If it is more for Muni I would go for the 27,5. Simply because of the bigger (plus size) tire choice of the MTB market.

Anybody doing downhill on a 27.5"? How’s that compared to a 24"?

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. I’m pulling the trigger on a 2017 KH 27.5!! Can’t wait.

I’ll report back when I’ve given it a full test.

Dogsock Have you thought about the Nimbus hatchet? A guy sure can do a lot with that frame. Nimbus Hatchet questions

Looked at that one. Looks pretty specialized although honestly didn’t do a lot of research. Coming from a fellow Utah guy…I’m U guy however, not a Y guy, I’ll have to take a closer look. :wink:

Noticed you have a KH 29. Riden it much?

Deciding wheel size

I had only ever rode my 40 year old cycle pro when I found out about the technology and new unicycles that are out there. And never realized what people were doing with them. That really got my interest going again. So, after hours and hours watching YouTube reviews. And chating with josh @ UDC, I picked up the KH29. I’m an entry level rider. Right, 40 years. Quick learner. I just found this forum recently. I ride on paved bike paths, sidewalks and side streets. I love it. I just wanted to move along at a better pace then my old 20 inch. This KH29 does that. However, I really think I’m going to own a variety of wheel sizes before it’s over. Several unicycles later,…I bounce on my KH20, Muni on KH26 and scoot along on KH29. I went with the 26 because the 27 was so close to the 29 I already owned. I could see the 27 being a good place to be also. I’m going to watch for your feedback on the 27. Jeff c

Looked at that one. Looks pretty specialized although honestly didn’t do a lot of research. Coming from a fellow Utah guy…I’m U guy however, not a Y guy, I’ll have to take a closer look. :wink:

Noticed you have a KH 29. Riden it much?[/QUOTE
I try and get on that K/H 29 every day.
I put a street tire on the 29 for riding on this path along the Provo river. My thought is the 29 would be just a little too big for mountain unicycling. And I saw where the hatchet could accept so many different sizes of rims and tires.
How much can you change a unicycle? They all have the same balance point.
So about all you can do is just change the shape of the frame a little, just to give it a different look is about all you can do with them. As for BYU and Utah.
I’ve never cared much for the Y. I always wanted Utah to win, Just because they were the under dogs. But I’ll do the same for BYU when they play a big name team.:smiley:

don’t mean…

…to hijack the thread, but my situation is similar.

The older, teen-aged kids, are tired of their 20 and 24 – can’t keep up with Dad :sunglasses: … looking to get a Nimbus 29 Muni or the Nimbus 29 Road. We do about 2/3 of riding on streets, side roads, ramps, some stairs/hopping…and the rest off-road consisting of bike trails, some single track, etc.

Wondering if the Road will hold up or if the the Muni is over-kill with the type of riding we do.

Thanks for any input.

Tire and cranks

I love my new 29 inch KH mountain uni. I did not have a clue when I bought it. Only experience up to this purchase was my old 20. Im gonna say dumb luck getting the mountain type. I do ride occasionally on very nice smooth bike paths and streets. My 29 muni does fine. I think playing with the air pressure dials it in for the smooth street riding. Now, when I’m at home on the streets and sidewalks where I usually ride, not exactly smooth. Only a couple potholes and pavement cracks away from full muni. I nailed it on the mountain style.
My other ride is a nimbus 24 sport. Amazing quality and finish. I would say the 29 mountain your looking at will stand up to anything. I would say the real question is tire choice and crank length. I didn’t have a clue on how to make that decision. So, I bought the KH with the two crank positions. I have stayed on 150. I like the feel. I’ll change to the shorter position one day and see how that goes. So…flip a coin. No loser in your decision.
Tonight I get to ride a 36er. I’m excited to see how that goes. Good luck. Jeff c

The only differences between the Nimbus Road and Muni are the crank length and tire. Both will hold up. So it is up to you. Depends where your priority is: More road or more Muni.

By changing cranks and tire you can convert them to each other if needed later on.


Thanks for the insight and quick reply.

Hey bradahj, I’ve had a blast on jogging trails and unpaved roads on my narrow 29" wheel with a sub 2" tire, and I dread riding my muni from the parking lot to the trail head. Riding on a road tire off pavement is a fun test of skill. Riding on an off-road tire on pavement is just extra work. I suggest the Road. :slight_smile:

How tall are you? If you are larger a 29 would probably be fine. I never took to the 29er on a uni. But I’m relatively short and light at 5’7" 140lbs. I found the 29 to be neither here nor there. Not big enough for road riding and not small enough for more technical muni (actually a nightmare). But of course some people love the 29. I have a 19, 27.5 and a 36. I love all of them and there’s not much overlap, though I sometimes ride the 27.5 on the road if I want to jump shit like curbs and such.

I would go with the 27.5. I think with the new kh frames you can put a 29 wheel in that later if you want.

So I pulled the trigger on the 2017 KH 27.5" Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread with advice. I’ve only had it out 4 times however it’s been a complete blast. I definitely had to ‘relearn’ how to mount the bigger wheel having only ridden a 20". was great. They shipped quickly and if it weren’t for the wildfires that shut the interstate down coming into Portland, it would have been here pretty quick. Overall impressions are great so far!

Comments/ Observations

  • It was almost fully assembled in the box! Just had to insert seat tube and pedals.
  • Extremely high quality as expected from this price point
  • It's big. The 3.25 tire is much beefier than I expected. Glad I didn't go with my initial plan of a 29"
  • Using a disc brake is fantastic on downhills. Love it.
  • Much harder than I thought riding up steep trails. Need to keep momentum.
  • Free mounting took a few tries to learn on this big wheel.

I’ll update the thread when I get a bit more time on the trail. I also need to figure out the best seat height and tilt.

Any good suggestion for a 27.5 tire that I might ride on the asphalt/ gravel trails when the rain hits here?

Some pics

Reference point with my 20" Schwinn that I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old. A long time ago… :slight_smile: