KH 26" for sale

Unicycle is SOLD.

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Yep, you didn’t ride it much. The frame is on backwards! :slight_smile:
Doesn’t matter too much but it’s odd to see it like that.

Heh, heh…yeah. Maybe the seat is turned around? Been hanging in the garage for about 4 years. Took it down and changed out the cranks. Thanks for the tip.


I am interested. Does it come with the Nimbus or Kris Holm cranks or both?

Hi, sorry for the confusion. I just changed the original photo to show how it looks. Comes with the Nimbus cranks. I have a set of KH Moments 137 mm (brand new) that I would be willing to throw if if you were interested. Thanks for the inquiry.

Yes, please include the KH Moment cranks. I can pay with Paypal.

Ok, great. Can you send your address so I can calculate the shipping?

If @gacracker falls through I’d be interested

Hi Kyle- thanks. Can you tell me your zip code and I can calculate the shipping?



Hey, will be $450 with shipping to you. It actually comes out to about $460. Let me know if still interested. I haven’t heard from Nowva. You can also email skelton.chris at gmail if you want to send address privately. I am not good with this interface…can’t figure out how to do a PM…is it possible? Thanks.

How is that frame backwards? I’ve never seen a brake set up Infront of the rider.

The photo was fixed/updated. Simple backwards saddle in original photo.

I wonder if it is already sold. I will send you an email. I also do not know how PM works.

I see .

How to send a private message/direct message (PM/DM):

  • Click on the users avatar or name
  • Click the blue envelope ‘message’ box


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