KH 24" review with photo and movie file

Oops. Sorry. I have failed to attach photo and avi file.

Kindly refer here.[URL=]

Wow, great pictures! I couldn’t get them all to work or the movie but it is probably just my POS computer.

What I really liked was the side by side comparison of the 26" Yuni and the KH 24". I was stuck on a decision between a 24" and a 26" muni as I already have a 20" trials. Looks like you made the decision for me as far as the wheel/tire thing goes! I like the approx 26’ diameter of the whole shebang but with the wheel strength of a 24". Old news to most but new to me.


to shorten the hose:

see where the hose goes into the master cylinder? (the opposite end than the lever)

undo this fitting, and pull out the hose. No fluid wil come out of the hose unless you squeeze the lever (DON"T SQUEEZE THE LEVER)

cut the hose with an exacto knofe, or sharp knife. don’t use things like scissors, or cable cutters. the cut needs to be straight across

replace the hose back into the master cylinder, tighten that nut again.

remember to leave some slack in the hose, so you can remove your seat! (Don’t cut it to the exact length that ‘looks’ right)

great photo’s,all the way from Korea too!

has anyone got the video to work?

The video worked but the quality was not good. All I could see was that the pedal would not tighten, apparently stripped theads. Bummer.:frowning:

Yup. It played fine for me in both IE 5 and Phoenix 0.5 (which speaks for the Mozilla side of the world =). I think the big problem people are having is they’re not letting the movie load. Until it downloads (though you don’t get to see any progress bar or anything, you just have to trust it’s coming in) everything but the stop button will be greyed out. When it all loads it should start to play automatically or at least allow you to press the play button.

That or you can click the link at the top of the page and save it to your harddrive (which I couldn’t get to work. Maybe someone else has?).

It’s 3.6MB, so those of you with slower connections might be waiting a while. It consists of the guy screwing the pedal in with a wrench and showing how it goes around and around and wiggles in the crank (appears something is stripped, which isn’t good for an out-of-the-box uni).


Just a word of caution, when I got my KH24 the wheel was on backwards. The left crank was on the right side.

Thank you for the comment and tip, I will cut magura hose.

Yes, thank you sofa. Actually I am scared about that matter.
Some guys in local bike shop it will be OK some others recommend
not to do it.
Now I’m encouraged from your tip and original manaul for HS 33
here . I will do that.

And for the movie file, it is 3.6MB. Rather a big file. So, you should wait untile it is downloaded. Sorry.

And I did not changed with right and left side. Because left side looks perfect to me.

After fixing the crank problem, I will make more review and post
some more photo. Thanks. :smiley: