KH 2007 Trial Uni

Is it available the end of this month on UDC?
Any information available about any upgrades it is going to have etc…
I heard instead of it being powercoated blue its going to be bright pink with poke-a-dots.:stuck_out_tongue:

Any hoots WHOS GONNA BUY IT ! ! ! !

i’m going to buy the frame and paint it red.

Oh i just relized there was a bunch of other threads about the new model. Its the 06’ spring one. All i read was it suppose to be out in sept. just wondering what the upgrades are really. :smiley: . I’m going to buy 1


send me a message when it actually comes out cause i’m looking for a new trials uni!!!

Supposedly it supposed to be avaiable on UDC in the end of September.
Check UDC in about 2 weeks.

I’ve got one!!! i just got it today, i thought i was getting the old model but when i went to pick it up it turns out it was the 2007 model

Envy you much?

i got one too but havent had a chance to ride it yet cos my back is stuffed. it is sexy!

kh 2007 + sealed jimmy c pedals with grindplate + chro-mo seatpost + cf seatbase = awesome street uni. all i need is the seatbase!


Edit: full review to come once my back gets better

Wait, wait. The new KH comes with a CF seatbase, Jim c’s with a grind plate, or is that your custom setup?

That is his custom setup.

K thats what I thought…

me too

i wish they came with cf bases that would be cool.

lol yer thats my custom setup.

having them come stock with cf bases would be cool but it would make them lots more expensive. im pretty sure thats why they dont come with good pedals either.


sounds awesome