KH 2007 hub and the DX bearings

Am I correct in assuming that because of the wonky ISIS bearings that the new KH 2007’s will not be able to be put on a unicycles with 40mm bearing holders using the DX bearings like the 2005/2006’s were able to?

DX bearings are 20mm ID and 40mm OD. (KH 2006 were 20mm ID and 42mm OD, and Profiles are 19mm ID 40mm OD)

Any ideas for putting the KH 2007 cranks on a unicycles designed for a 40mm suzue/profiles hub?

(Not like I could ever find the DX bearings anyway)

I’ve got a pair of 20mm ID / 40mm OD bearings, slightly used, that I’d sell ya.
How about $8.00 (half price)? PM for info if you wish.

This brings up the question - if I buy the above bearings can I buy the 2007 KH and expect it to work? or do I need to find the 2006 model somewhere?

What is the ID for the Isis setup?

the bearings ive got for my koxx have an ID of like 26mm, and theyre on like a shim thing.

if that helps

my cranks have 42mm bearings and my frame has 40mm bearing holders. i was gonna buy some DX bearings for it but i couldnt find any anywhere. so i just left it and it works fine. i havent had any problems with it at all.

my koxx isis has a 22mm axle.

got a shim on that and what appears to be a 25mm ID bearing.

i brought 6 pairs to Salem after one phone call…they are not hard to get.

Really? The assumption that they were hard to find was based on things I thought I’d rembered you saying earlier. Would you mind pming me some details on how to get a bunch delivered to Eugene?

Oh, and since I have your attention, do you think they’ll work with the KH 2007? You tend to know about stuff like that.

Depends on the brand. Koxx have already been mentioned. KH and Qu-ax ISIS systems both use an unusual size bearing specially produced by Qu-ax. It has an OD of 42mm, width of 12mm and a larger inside diameter than the ones that came on the KH06 hubs. From a glance I would say it looked like an ID of 22mm. I will try and get the vernier callipers out and check tomorrow.

I think it is extremely unlikely you will find any 40mm OD bearings that would fit on the new KH 07 hub.

Sigh… looks like I need to buy the profiles at $100 more :frowning:

42od x 12w…My LX bearings are that size. I don’t know what the id is though.

I thought the LX were 17mm ID x 40mm OD. Like the suzue and just about every other “standard” non-splined hub.

Quick question if anyone knows: what is the spoke flange width of the new KH ISIS Moment hub?

I asked UDC, but they only wanted to give me the bearing width (= std. 100mm spacing).


It’s 75mm center-to-center.

that almost seems wide enough for a 36er.

Mr. Scott comes through again!