KH 20 Trials, 24 MUni, 36 Road

I’m glad you are happy with the uni (if not with US Customs :astonished: ) Hope you had some illumination for your ride :slight_smile:


All unicycles are SOLD.

My KH20 is in route from Canada to Kentucky. I was unaware of this charge. How does it work? When did you pay it (at the border, at your door, etc)? How did you pay it (Visa, Masrer Card, PayPal, etc)? Who contacted you to let you know it was due (Uncle Sam himself)? I don’t want to delay my shipment. It’s the kids Christmas.

Here’s some info from Customs and Border Protection.

It’s unusual to see Americans buying stuff from Canadians. It is usually the other way around and most Americans would never experience it. I’m lucky because I live on a border town in Canada and ship most of the stuff I buy in USA to a local US address and I go and pick it up and bring it back myself where I just declare it verbally to the customs officer. When I do get stuff delivered across the border, I usually always get it shipped by the regular postal services to avoid expensive courier brokerage charges.