KH 20 Trials, 24 MUni, 36 Road


Comments on pricing are welcome - keep it civil please. These are my personally owned uni’s and parts (I’m not a business). With a very rare exception, I’m the only person to have ridden these.

Kris Holm standard blue unicycles, all purchased brand new from Bedford Unicycles. See the pics for more details. Ask a.s.a.p for more info if you require. I’m gone from about Oct 11 to ~December, and I don’t think my wife will ship this stuff for me!!!

I did not pull the bearings but checked most everything else.

Prices in $CDN. Items located in Winnipeg, Canada.


Unicycles for sale:

20" Kris Holm Trials, standard black seat post Kris Holm, Odyssey pedals, 137 cranks, Luna tire 2.5" x 20", Kris Holm Street Gel saddle blue n black one small 1/4" round road rash wear through (new all black “Freeride” saddle cover included so change it out if you want to) otherwise good, some paint scuffs, some minor scratches on paint, paint minor discoloration where “Bedford” decal removed, on scrub on metal of the bearing holder as shown in photos. Spines on hub excellent condition.

Extra (not installed) parts include new Odyssey plastic pedals (missing one dust cap), new Fusion saddle cover, new saddle front and rear bumpers, new inner tube, 10 spokes and nipples, and throwing in so you don’t cut up your legs doing tricks pretty well used but still functional 661 wrap around shin/knee guards.

Asking $350

24" Kris Holm MUni with Magura H33 (black) newish black pads, hydraulic rim brake spooner lever, Dura Wildlife 3.00" x 24".standard black seat post bolt on but is on rails, Kris Holm Freeride saddle black good condition (new saddle included), Odyssey pedals, 150mm cranks, paint scuffs, some scratches, Spines in excellent condition.

Extra (not installed) parts include lightly used Fusion Freeride saddle, new inner tube, new Wellgo super grippy pedals, 6 new spokes and nipples

Asking $475

36" Kris Holm Road with Magura H33 (blue) newish black pads, hydraulic rim brake spooner lever, Kris Holm T-handlebar after market handlebar extensions and grips, bolt on seat post (believe shortened about 2"), handle bar mounted on plate saddle stiffener, Wellgo pedals, 110-127mm cranks, Nimbus Nightrider 36" tire, Kris Holm blue n black Freeride saddle (vented fabric vs vinyl on the others) minor abrasion as shown in photos but generally good condition, some paint very minor scratches n paint scuffs. Splines in excellent condition.

Extra parts (not installed) used 125-150mm cranks in very good condition, new 36" inner tube, new (3 I think) spokes and nipples.

Asking $600

**$1300 for all three unicycles and all the parts left over.

Parts for sale except ** indicates included in the packages above

-Used ISIS crank puller used, works for all these uni’s!
**-Used 125-150mm Kris Holm cranks, some scuff marks, generally very good
**-New Wellgo metal pedals still wrapped (much better than the Odyssey, imo)
**-New Odyssey pedals, plastic (one missing dust cap that I robbed for some other pedal along the way)
-Used Odyssey pedals good condition, need cleaning, original to the 36er I think.
-New screw in pedal pins (a few bags of them)
-New spoke keys = 3,
**-New spokes with nipples for 36" = 3, 24"= 6, 20"= 10.
-New spokes and nipples 29"= 3
**-New inner tubes 36", 24", 20"
**-Lightly used very good condition Fusion Freeride saddle (old style)
-Lightly used very good condition Kris Holm seat post (will bolt on and fits above saddle)
**-New front and rear Fusion saddle bumpers $8
**-New all black Fusion Freeride saddle cover (see 24")(old style)
-New with tags Hillbilly (see Bad Ass) full finger gloves with wrist protection, XL, think company is/was Bad Ass
-Used Bad Ass Full finger gloves wrist protection, fair, XL, modified by me to rivet the wirst protection to correct original glove problems
-Used Bad Ass 1/2 finger gloves fair, all else same as previous
**-Used 611 wrap around shin guard with knee pad…pretty used but they are still effective. knee cap on one cracked and these are replacements of original. Take or leave it!! Size probably L.
-Used Tony Hawk helmet, size L, good (worn once or twice? since I have a cupboard full of other ones) scuffs more from bouncing around in my SUV


I’d really prefer a package deal of the 3 uni’s and parts all together!!

I won’t piecemeal on the unicycle parts cus it’s not worth it for you or me. Make an offer on what is left over, but preference to the folks buying the uni’s

The uni’s have been maintained, and appear in good condition with mentioned scuffs as one might expect over few years of riding. Numerous parts have been replaced &/or upgraded along the way.

The bearings appear to rotate very well. The outer surfaces of a couple of bearings (cosmetic) have some minor pitting, but mostly look very good. Some bearings are newer than others due to replacement at various times.

I didn’t notice any cracks, warps, bends from what I could see. Rims and rotation appear on gross inspection appear to be pretty true.

Much of the uni’s have be dis-assembled and re-assembled recently to examine the condition. I have not pulled the bearings as mentioned.

ALL items are sold “as is”.

Purchaser will pay shipping and any trans-border duty charges (if any) on international, but then again, you don’t have to pay tax!

Shipping 36er and 20 in original boxes. The 24" might be in an other equip manufacturer box from a uni of many moons back, but suitable for the 24" in any case.

Accepting PayPal Canada or US, or Interac in Canada












This makes me so sad, that 36er is exactly what I’m looking for but it’s on the other side of the world :frowning:

KH20 trial.

Hello, I’m interested in your KH 20", or maybe also KH36. Not sure how much the cost of delivery toTexas or an Asia city where I currently relocated to (if you are willing to help on the shipping). Do you have an email that I can make an offer in more details? I’ll pay by Paypal. Thanks.

TJC: Check your PMs

I am pretty sure shipping would be a “dimensional weight”,

The weights and sizes in pounds and inches (weights and dimensions rounded up a bit to provide a “worst case” price quote with box and added items):

20" uni = 15 lbs, 25.5"x25.5"x8"
24" uni = 20 lbs, 26.6"x26.5"x8"
36" uni = 24 lbs, 36.25"x36.25"x9"

Shipping options:


Ships from postal code R3R 3R6, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

uni 24’’

Hi, am building myself a mountain unicycle. I have the frame, seat, brake and pedals. I was wondering if you would only sell your 24’’ wheel and tire + 150mm cranks?

interested in the 36er shipped to Southern California, zip is 92860

let me now how much USD via paypal you are willing to let it go for, my Email is

Hi: Sorry to be late in responding.

I can ship the uni where ever, but if you look at the various shippers sites, you can figure out the costs.

No, I won’t part out the uni’s.

I am in Brazil kiteboarding for another 5 weeks, so can’t ship anything til the end of November. As I mentioned previously, my wife (at home) will not do that, and it would be politically inadvisable for me to even ask her!!! Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS, the internet sucks where I am staying, so can’t always check in.


I am also interested in the 36". I am in Lakewood Colorado (80227) I could not figure out the canada post website it just kept asking me to check the fields. Depending on when you get back from kiteboarding (so fun I used to live in australia) . Depending on when you get back from your fun in the sun, I can send you some digital dollars via paypal . I have been looking for the 36er in the same setup for awhile. Would love to show it some road time. I have not posted on here in many years. The only time I do is when I buy or sell a unicycle. I am very excited. When do you plan on returning to CA?


If it would make it easier, I could purchase the 24" if you could make it worth my while. I have the same 24" inch now I take downhilling weekly out here and would love another one. I know how it is when you’re ready to sell something. Let me know on the other side of your adventure ! Thanks

Thanks for the interest.

No one has committed to anything yet for the uni’s, so all available right now.

I just tried the Canada Post site, too, and yeh, you are correct, it’s odd re: 36er dimensions. There may be a max dimensional size they will accept, so the 36er might be in that category??? I’ll try to figure something out when I get home or if I have the energy to fight the internet connection here in the next few days.

Internet is a bit improved. It’s a hair puller when one has come to expect instant connection…it’s like back to the old dial-up days.

Anyway, on topic…I’ll be back in Canada on Nov 26, but likely will be a day or so to get my act together after catching up with all the things I’ve let slide!!

If the buyer of the 36" is not interested in the the cranks and would like to knock down the price a bit, I would be interested to help!

36 & 24

Sounds good, Yea I couldnt get the canada post site to work either. Have you thought of a bundled deal for the pair? I realise you’re on vacation and with the internet being the way it is (ive spent time in madagascar, internet awful and a french keyboard) Either way Id love add your unicycles to my collection. Let me know what you can do for a grand total including shipping etc. I will get some funds around in the next week or so that you’re down there. Enjoy the sun, snowing hard here in Denver.

interested in 36"

I live in Thunder Bay. I am interested in the 36" It sounds like you have a deal. But if it doesn t work out I would love to buy your 36"

The Biz n Steve:

Thanks Steve, I appreciate your interest too. If The Biz drops out, you are next in line.

TheBiz, I contacted CanPar customer service, and based on the ballpark price from Winnipeg to Aurora (I looked up a zipcode in that area), but looking back on the posting, I see you are in Lakewood. In any case, the price is about $92 CAD for the 36" uni, and if it’s more than that, I can eat the difference. If less, you’ll pay the lesser price, of course. I have no idea what, if any, the brokerage and customs fees might be for you.

Home in mid-week coming up, and it will be much easier to deal with this.

PS – BTW not vacation, I’m retired…going on days off when I get home :wink:


Sounds good. Ill wait for you to reply on here again and we can deal with it then. Thanks a bunch and enjoy your time down there.



Check your PMs please.


I did, I’ll pm you when I get paid Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for your patience:)

36" Uni is SOLD.

Still available 24" and 20".

20" uni SOLD.

24" available.


amazing, thanks !!! Rode it 3 miles in the dark as soon as I got it together:) Paid 57$ in importation tax if that helps anyone else shopping. Uni is in great condition . Would buy from again anytime. Thanks again!