KH 20", KH 24", KH 29" and Coker 36"

The following are for sale:

36" Deluxe Coker
Bought in 2005, it was the most advanced 36" of its day. Now it is obsolete (when compared to the Nimbus and KH brands of 36" unicycles).
Frame: Steel
Seat-post: 22.2mm diameter (and an addiitonal 22.2mm shorter seatpost<<free)
Saddle: KH Fusion Freeride
Rim: Airfoil
Hub: UDC Chromoly
Cranks: Cotterless 125mm (I will also throw in 2 pairs of 152mm cranks, an extra pair of 125mm cranks and a pair of 102mm cranks).
Tire: Brand new Coker Tyre (has about 50km on it)
The frame has a few airline stickers on it that are proving hard to remove. Apart from that, I’ve never had any problems with it since 2005.
Cost: $350 (includes the spare seat-post and the spare cranks)
I’d recommend it if you don’t have the cash to buy a Nimbus or a KH. It’s a decent beginner touring unicycle.

29" Kris Holm 2007
This one has not been used a lot (about 100km of muni) and is as good as the day I bought it.
Frame: Aluminium (powdercoated green).
Seat Post: 27.2mm KH
Saddle: KH Fusion Freeride
Hub: KH Moment ISIS Hub
Cranks: KH Moment Dual Drilled (138"/165")
Tyre: Kenda Klaw
Cost: $500

24" Kris Holm 2006
Frame: Aluminium
Seat Post: 27.2m KH
Saddle: KH Fusion
Hub/Crankset: KH-Onza (152mm cranks)
Tyre: Kenda Stick-E
Cost: $450

20" Kris Holm Trials 2007
This is barely unused, as well.
Frame: Aluminum
Seat Post: 27.2mm KH
Saddle: KH Street Gel
Hub: KH Moment ISIS Hub
Cranks: KH Moment 138mm
Tyre: Maxxis Creepy Crawler
Cost: $500

2 KH Fusion Freeride saddles (one of them is the latest version that is compatible with the KH Touring Handle): $40 each

1 KH Street Saddle: $40

1 unused T7 Handlebar: $50

KH-Schlumpf Hub (one button missing, only has 400km on it): $1000

There are a few other items as well, that I may throw in at no cost.
Let me know if you want any of these or a combination of parts. All prices are in Australian dollars. Ideally, I’d like to sell them to Melbourne buyers but if I have to ship around Australia, then we go 50-50 on the shipping costs. I also will be in Queensland and NZ South Island in Dec and could bring a few items along too.
Sid Rajan

Hi Sid,
what colour are the KH saddles? Are they new or used? What condition? I am interested in all 3 of them.
Have you got any square taper cranks (alloy) to sell?

Will you be unicycling to Queensland as an extension of your unicycle tour? Let me know if you are coming to Brisbane as I could collect the saddles then.

If I can do anything for you while you are in town please let me know.

Wayne van Wijk

KH schlumpf hub

Hi Sid,

What generation is the KH-schlumpf hub? Is it one of the newer style with the improved bearings, or the first gen?

What’s with the uni fleet down sizing? Are you moving back to Singapore, or getting out ofriding? Hope you’re doing well,



Wayne: Photo attached. The street saddle has barely been used. I bought it to see how good it felt for distance riding and it wasn’t for me. The Freeride has been heavily used but in good condition. Its nude in the photo and but I do have the plastic bumpers and handle. I’m willing to give you both saddles, KH rail seat post and KH rail bracket for $100. I’m driving down from Cairns to Brisbane with my folks. We’ll be reaching Brisbane around the 23rd of December.

I have 152mm and 102mm Al alloy square taper cranks. And 152mm, 125mm and 100mm in steel. I think I have 125mm Al alloy on the 36" that I’m selling.

Daniel: I got the hub in Feb 2009 for my tour. It is the second generation hub. i decided against using it for the tour since a few people had problems with the second generation hub…which I think Florian Schlumpf repaired with beefier bearings. I have the second generation hub without the beefier bearings.

Doing great. Which city are you in now (you’re all over the place:) )?Yup, downsizing the fleet as I’m heading to Sth.America for a couple of years. I have my KH 36" safe at home and may get a 26" to carry with me. If I can’t sell the unis I may skip the 26" and it’ll be hard to choose between the 24" and 29". I guess, no long tours for a while (though with all these new improvements, I reckon something longer/harder is something to think about).

Btw, my email is dennelli84 (at)


check you’re PMs

Thanks for the speedy reply.
I will give the saddles and cranks a miss for now even though you have made a very generous offer (but will let you know if I change my mind). I have so little storage room here at the moment and I need to make room for a new 36" somewhere.
I would love to meet you when you are in Brisbane (if you have the time).

previously an avid unicyclist and currently a clown doctor

Do you have any pictures of the 20"? Thanks. :smiley:

Scott: Mail sent.

Wayne: No worries. Will let you know once I finalise my plans. Thanks!

Salamious: Photo attached. The saddle and seat-post in the picture is from the 29". The actual 20" saddle (Fusion Street) and seatpost was removed to keep it as new as I could. If you need more detailed photos let me know. As I mentioned the unicycle has not been used too much. In fact its been so barely used that the un-knobbly parts of the tire have no dirt marks on them.

Im kinda interested in the KH 20’ Trials as i broke my Crank/Hub the other day:( do you still have it and im in tassie so is there any chance that i could get some friends in melbourne to check it out for me?

nyctemene- Haven’t sold it yet. Yes, your friends can check it out. I am back home next on the 27th. After that is cool.

Do u have any flexibility on price? Is it the 27th of November or December? Are u going to be there on the 11th and 12th coz my dad will be in melbourne then and u could possibly meet up then and he could check it.

In Melbourne now. Yup, I will be here till the 15th of December. How much are you looking to pay for it?

Hi Denali,

I’m interested in your 36" Coker. Is it still for sale and if so where is it, and can you post a picture?

I’m in Brisbane.


Hi Sid,
I have had a change of heart on the saddles, etc. Do you still have them? Are there any other things left in your unicycle Clear Out?

please contact me directly on wayne (at) jester (dot) com (dot) au

20 inch juggle bug Forsale

Blue in color,i have 2 sets of cranks,one stock and one a little longer (not sur on size)perfect first uni 20 plus shipping

my bad

sorry wrong section

Hi Denali,

I’m still interested in your 36" Coker.

Is it still for sale?


I think he said he would be in Melb till the 15th. Probably gone overseas now.

Sorry folks, for the late reply. I’ve been away. Everything has been sold except a brand new T-7 handle. If anyone wants it, let me know. I’ll be able to send it only after 6th Jan.