KH 20" Double Crown 2008

Thought I’d get into this, but I much prefer MUNI.
Very light riding, perhaps a dozen times. Pretty much perfect condition.
PM me if you’re interested.

hi i wanna ask if the price is in canadian dolars or american and if is it possible to pay it with paypal

ill offer 337.50 can

That looks MINT!

I was hanging onto it for a while because it’s such beautiful unicycle. I can’t seem to get comfortable with riding it, it’s gathering dust, I’m a broke student, so selling to someone who’ll actually use it seems like the smart thing to do.

I want this thing really bad

Would you be willing to trade for a muni?

Sorry, I’ve already got one.

Hey, Im looking for something like that. I’m interested and am wondering if it is still avail? Your price is way too steep if you look at the prices of a new one these days. Can you cut the cost? Email mr

is it an 08 or 07 series? I have family that in regina that can pick it up for me aswell, or I’ll be there around christmas too. How much has it been rode, and what condition is it in? What components and hardware are on this rig? any more info would be great

sent you some more info