Kevlar tyre liners? And other puncture-proofing

Hey all,

I know this topic is done to death, but I’m going to bring it up again. Punctures. I won’t bore you with the story, as I know you’ve all been there - Out for a ride, tyre goes down, walk home, unicyclist rage!

I’ve never really bothered with any sort of preventative measures, my usual method involves having two inner tubes on rotation - While one’s inside my tyre, the other is sat on the edge of my desk under a weight, pressing a patch on. My two tyres are beginning to look like snakes, with all the orange-and-black circles all over them!

My dad runs those Schwalbe tyres on his bike, the ones with an extra-thick liner. He rides exactly the same spots I do, and NEVER gets a flat. So I did some digging, and came across these:

Has anyone used these? Are they wide enough to protect a 2.25" thick tyre? I understand they add a bit of weight, but if they do the job they’re supposed to I can live with that!

While we’re on the subject, how do you guys fight the unwinnable war against (insert local spiky plant of choice)?

They are for 700C so will be narrow.

I used to have Dr Sludge Anti Puncture Tape they goes with two types 26" and 700C. 26" was good enough for 2.35 tire. No punctures. Only problem - this tape eat my tube :angry:

Now on my 29" I going to use Panaracer Flataway Puncture Protection 29". You can see them in three sizes 26", 29" and 700C (first two are wide and last one narrow). This one is wide enough for 2.35 tire as well. I already received them from CRC but still riding my Hans without them. Till first puncture I believe :roll_eyes:

Aah, didn’t even realise they did a 29" version, I only saw 26" and 700c, thanks for the link!

And do not worry about weight of these Panaracer tapes, almost weightless.
Plus they will be glued to tire and do not move as Dr. Sludge did.

And the 29ers are unfortunately sold-out :slight_smile: Guess I’ll wait a bit (Or go snooping online!)

What kind of puncture hazards do you have?

In our region main enemy is guy below called burnut (Tribulus). Clusters separates on five thorns and they about 1cm long each. Looks like made of steel…

Oh wow, no I don’t get anything as viscious as that :smiley:

The main problematic plantlife round here is the bramble (mmmm blackberries!). The plants aren’t much of a problem on their own, but to get anywhere from my house (without using the main road) involves taking the public path through some farm fields, and the farmers routinely chainsaw the bushes down, leaving thorns aplenty across the path (And yes, I’ve asked them, both nicely and aggressively, to quit leaving their crap behind!)

There are some other spiky plants round here I think. Some of them hang down off the trees alongside the cycle routes… All I know is, everytime I get a puncture, I run my fingers round the inside of my tyre, and find a 1-2cm long thorn in there! I usually grab them with tweezers and pull 'em out.

4th edit: Except today’s puncture - Not a clue what caused that. It was miniscule, so could’ve been absolutely anything - There’s always things like glass and other such city mess on the roads round here to :smiley:

Our are all around and some places just full of them. My personal record is 48 holes in one tire (not hard to guess that my patching skill are damn high :D). Flat tire in second… But anti puncture tape made life a lot easier.

:astonished: I think at that stage I’d start looking at armoured tracks :slight_smile:

Is this for a smooth tread tire like a Big Apple, or a lugged MUni tire? I was getting a lot of flats from goat head thorns on my Big Apple (with flat protection no less), and I made a tire saver out of an wire coat hanger and some wire insulation. That did the trick. It brushes the tire, and knocks out the thorns before they work all of the way into the tire. Unfortunately it won’t work on a lugged tire.

I’ll see if I can find a photo of it. I posted it in a thread a few years ago, but I’m sure the photo was in the gallery that’s not online anymore.

I’m still running the stock Kenda Karma that came with my 29er :smiley: It’s got teeth but they’re small compared to some. It’s probably getting replaced soonish, as 10-20 miles every day for 6 months has worn it down somewhat. Not sure whether to go smooth or not yet!

I think I know what you mean though, they used to put them on road bikes years ago - Sort of like really rough bristles under your fork? :smiley: Not a clue why they stopped those…

They were really just a wire that spanned the width of the tread. There is a piece of rubber tubing that gives it a little spring, but it barely rubs the tire. I think they stopped making them when mountain bikes replaced “10 speeds”. The market for them fell overnight.

May be somebody used tires like this Continental X-King MTB Tyre - ProTection 29x2.4"? For 26" b*kes in our town very popular Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre with Smart Guard but I do not know fatter tires with same good protection… yet…

Yeah, that’s the sort of thing my dad has on his roadie bike. Thin-size and with the ‘smart guard’ :smiley: I can’t remember the name off-hand, I know they’re Schwalbe though (And that’s why I decided to go look for the kevlar lining). When my Kenda tyre needs replacing I’ll look into a tyre with it in like those!