Keny Banks Muni Photo

Where’s the biff photo?

SICK DROP! i miss muni

Yes, sick drop… if he made it that is!!!
I would also think it would be hard riding with such a heavy helmet…
Did this need its own thread?

I thought it was rad, here are his videos, he is legit.

Wow! That guy is seriously one of the best MUni riders I’ve ever seen…on par with KH for flow, big drops, super high skinnies, etc. Great.:slight_smile:


I think this should have been in the riding pics thread or vid forum.

Lots of good stuff. I liked the camera angle for the gap @ 120 sec. on the third vid. Each vid is fast and flowy, & he makes it look easy.

What’s the uni setup? Looks like '04 KH, Profile hub, Airfoil rim, and Nimbus seat.

True on the setup, the thread was only going to be a pic at first so i didn’t think it was fit for the video section (it should be “media”…).

I noticed in one of the videos he was riding at Uvic, does hes live on Vancouver Island? if so i think i found a new Muni buddy

Wowee, pretty rad. He was riding so fast it looked like he was coming off his uni! What a beast!

how recent is this stuff considering he has a '04 KH?

Welcome to Canada where lots of people have really old stuff and you may never hear about them until suddenly they pop out of nowhere!

Get your own muni buddy this one is mine! And we live in Nelson, Come visit.

its happening, pm me with your address and phone number. ill be there asap

Gutsy trail! Balls-Out skilled Rider. Gaaaaaah…

Wow. You just blew my mind. He has incredible skill, style, and speed. I have never seen muni like that (in an amazingly good way). You totally changed my definition of muni. I now want to go out purchase a larger wheel for muni. Wow.

wow some of the best muni vids in while!!!

Holy shit, this guy owns! We need more muni riders like him! His muni is so awesome. Super fast, flowy and technical with huge drops and the odd shifty or 360. This really makes me want to muni more. He’s also a pretty decent trials rider.

EDIT: If anyone didn’t see this it’s a gnarly bail: So ballsy to try that. WOuld of been so sick if he made it.

It sure doesn’t hurt to also have such a cool place to ride with all those awesome drops and north shore stuff! Plus a really good filmer too! I’d be out there HOURS a day if I had a place like that nearby! :slight_smile: He could be the next KH!

i wish i was just like him