Kenda Kraze 20"

Has anyone used this tire? I would like to try it as a trials tire for street but if it is going to just be a rock or too squishy or something like that then I won’t spend my money.

sorry, i havent, but if money isnt much a problem just get it anyways and have fun with it, maybe youll like it better than other tires, or not lol, either way your gonna have fun unicycling on it, but you might lose money…

Link? It is not on there web site.

The only thing that I think may kill it as a trials/street tire is the TPI but I don’t know alot about that.

i t might work…thought it might be a little heavy for street or trials. also it doesnt look like its got much traction.

I don’t really think that weight is really an issue for me, I don’t seem to have a problem switching from various unis so thats not an issue, also it would be purely for street and freestyle so traction really isn’t a huge issue, I’m actualy trying to get rid of some traction. My biggest fears are that it will just be hard and pointlessly thin.

The Flame looks cool.
It lookes a bit like the Fireball.

i say go for it then write a review about it if your so into buying it…but it might be too bulky for freestyle.

I hope it doesn’t have the same problem as I am currently having with my fireball… It seems those flat(squareish) slicks are good for trials and hopping but no good for balance when riding in a straight line as it pulls to one side or the other.

I’m guessing that it will be difficult to turn and will have a a lot of drag due to the large surface area and moulding shape. Trials and street riding requires a lot of grip, that’s why trials tyres have so many large knobbles on them. This tyre looks like it’s just been made to look cool on a chopper style bike, I seriously doubt it will perform well in any type of use, if you really want to ride trials and street but have a true 20" rim then something like the Onza sticky fingers, which is available in both true 20" and mod 19" would be a good bet, it’s actually designed for that use, unlike the tyre you mentioned.