Kenda Flame tire

Has anyone used a Kenda Flame? I need a new 24" tire, but don’t want another Duro. Looking for a smoother, but wide tire.

I asked about that one last year and got one reply which wasn’t positive:

I still really like the CST Cyclops. Dunno if it’s as wide as what you want but it’s smooth and versatile.

Hi Unibiddy :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen the Kenda Flame. I’ve got a Big Apple on my 24” . That’s a nice smooth ride compared to my Duro :slight_smile:

Maxxis Hookworm maybe? I rode it on 26er - awesome tire.
Just bought new one to ride it again :slight_smile:

It’s been a while, but I think Kris used a flame tire in some of the Bhutan movie. It may have been the Dyno version, but it should still be similar. Anyway it’s worth a watch, and he talked about the tire a bit so you could get a video review!

As far as I know the hookworm is discontinued in the 24x2.5 size, but the cyclops is pretty much the same tire 24x2.4. By the way both tires are made by the CST with different branding.

The Felt Berm Master is a knobby tire, but it rides smooth on pavement. As a cruiser bike tire I think it’s big knobs are more for looks than anything, and it is a 24x3.

Think I’ll try the Cyclops. For $12 or so it’s not much of a risk. The Hookworm is now $104. Had one on my 26 and liked it, but not for that much money. Thanks all.

What type of terrain are you planning to ride this on? I was looking for a Felt Berm Master myself but ended up waiting for a long time with it on back order so I finally settled on a cream colored Felt Thick Brick 24x3. I used it on my main mountain unicycle for a couple months including taking it to Unicon and riding in the gym, on paved bike paths, and riding trails at Mt Tremblant. It probably wouldn’t work well on wet or loose trails but if you’re looking for a 3" tire it’s a decent one.

Thanks Waaalrus. Hadn’t seen those. Ordered one. Should arrive for the weekend!

I think I have one but I’m not home until Thursday.

Let you know

I’m sorry but don’t have it any longer :thinking:

I just bought a Kenda Flame as a replacement for the Duro Wildlife which came with my 26" MUni. The Flame has weak sidewalls, but that is not really an issue for most of the wimpy riding I do. I took the Flame on a longer, paved ride, and it was much smoother and more comfortable than the Duro Wildlife for that style of riding. When, and if, I progress towards serious drops, then I’ll put the Duro Wildlife back on my MUni. I pretty much eliminated the center-tread on my Duro Wildlife by riding around my neighborhood and practicing general skills. I don’t recall if a tire other than the Duro Wildlife was an option from UDC when I bought my 26" Oracle. I think I’d be better-off, in retrospect, if I had started with a Flame, then moved onto a Duro Wildlife when I was ready. That’s my very limited perspective.

The Flame is a fine cruising tire. It’s fun for pavement and general rolling around.