Kelly Hickman's new movie.

Well, I decided to make a little vid this weekend. The riding sucks but I had fun and thats what its all about.


P.S. And the dancing sucks. HA.

Fakie backflips and 540 unispins?! You have learned some new tricks since I talked to you last:) It was pretty awesome, I think my favorite part was when the dog chases you. The dancing made me laugh…:smiley:

The riding doesnt suck at al!!! i loved it, the dog was extremely funny, it happens to me all the time, and the dancing was awesome =p lol

Nice vid, Kelly. I really liked the unispin, and the backflip. Oh yeah, you were right about the dancing, and you have a sweet accent.


Haha dude that was sweet! Love the backflip, and definitely the 540. Clean stuff.

Props for the dancing too :smiley:

In the words of Stewie Griffin, you’re funny. :smiley:

Not bad at all, sir!

I dug what everybody else dug about it, plus the dog…and what looked to be like possible tornadic weather? That sky looked spooky!

Rad vid man, even though i saw it yesterday. lol. Really good, you’re improving really fast. I like how you through the uni seat wiht the 5. It looks possible for a 7 for you, but it’s tricky. I could enver through theseat like that controlable, but it’s a huge advantage. Good luck wiht riding, nice fakie back, no it’s got to go forward.

-Shaun JOhanneson

Well good vid mate really enjoyed it made me larf

and there was impressive stuff in there too

how many spins was in the uni spin was it 540 or more

Groovy music and nice riding.

that was a sweet movie, I like the movies where its not all riding, where people are doing things completely random…it was awesome.
nice worm!

your riding is better than my…

i think this avatar expresses my feelings about the vid>>

nice 540 man! and nice vid all around.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all the good comments.

Yeah it was a fun fun vid.
Lucas1wheel, it was a 540 unispin. My first ever!!! YAY. HA.

I just love having fun riding and learning new stuff.


you kno…for a cowboy you ride perdy good…lol great vid…loved the backflip.

way sweet
I loved the 540 unispin.

Hey I was wondering, did you invent the hickflip?

He didn’t invent it, but at the time it was named he had done it down the biggest set so it was named after him. I think thats how it went.

3 golf claps and a bow.

man that was a funny movie. you’re getting damn good