Kelly Hickman Trials Late 2011.

Hey all,

Here is a video of some extra footage I had laying around from the last several months of 2011 when I was in Fargo, North Dakota.

Hope you enjoy


You’re such a great all-round rider :). One of my favourite videos for sure! Sick drop :smiley:

This is so sick! I like how you made the self filming work well, brilliant smooth trials and nice song dude! And that trick at the end= :astonished:

loved it man, unispins in trials lines make me happy. the drop to the angled bench was huge too! time for another street video i think :slight_smile:

Kelly I love how you are a beast at street and trials! I mostly love how there is that little street flare in your trials riding.

I loved the big rolling hops you did! Absolutely MASSIVE man! The pedal grab that you did the picnic table that was like Zack Baldwins in defect was pretty dope as well.


Probably one of my favourite trails videos. Nice style, and great lines. Well shot too. Love the song, although I think it’s been a little overused over the last year in extreme sports videos.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I haven’t heard the song until I found it for this video…I should probably watch more action sports haha.

Kelly Hickman