Kelly Hickman- Early 2010 Edit.

I wasn’t sure about posting this because I didn’t really care about showing it. I posted it on facebook and got a lot of attention so I decided to post it here. Some of the riding has been from this year, some was unreleased from 2008. I broke my foot and had surgery and have been out the last couple of months so the video was cut short.

It isn’t anything revolutionary but I had fun, and I hope you enjoy.


-Full Varial Fakie Flip down the 3
-180 8 set
-Roll hop over a 8 set handrail
-4 flat 4
-The Huge gap
-180 out of the 8 set handrail
-180 & Blind 180 8 set
-180 out of a kinded 8 set handrail
-Huge ass 10 set handrail
-360 8 set

I also have to mention the crankflips (yes with an ‘s’) down the 8 sets even tho you already done that on a 9 before.

so good. so good.

Awesome! I love your style, the last grind was insane.
Gotta watch it again :P.

love this kind of street, going reeeaaaally big
last rail was awesome!!

Awesome video, your such a good rider!!!

Everything you were doing was so clean, looking forward to new stuff from you.
Hope your foot heals up quickly =]

WOW!! so nice to see something new from you… and finally someone that brings 20" tech/big street to a new level… And if that wasn’t anything revolutionary I don’t know what to call it :stuck_out_tongue:

big street is still alive:D:D:D:D

Kelly Hickman is still alive!!!

Man I love this video… so so good. Glad you put in the footage from 2008, that footage is too good for people to not see. Awesome Kelly, love you.

I thought at 0:39 you’d do a blunt… next time ay :stuck_out_tongue:

wow kelly this vid convinced me so far. i think those handrails were pretty sick and you grind them at a high speed. your style has gotten cleaner than earlier i think. awesome


Just plain badass. Raw street… the way it should be.

So raw…

I enjoyed every second. I want that really long rail soo bad! Looks pretty awesome.

Are you gonna make it to NAUCC?

Sadly with the broken foot, I will not be able to make it. Still trying to recover and just take it easy.


so so sick :slight_smile: nice work man

That video was awesome, so many great street clips…

How’d you break your foot?

Stupid broken foot. Take it easy bro, you deserve it.

Rediculusly awesome video. sorry to hear about your foot

Heal Quick!!!

And start ripping us apart again with those awesome stylish street.