With the plethora of awesome videos, I figured I’d throw something together!

I hope at least some of you saw that one southpark episode…

(sorry, it’s not a uni video, so it shouldn’t be in this forum, but it is Kaori)



I am planning to call kaori out in a call out video if thats ok, just really want to see another video i will get working on it when my knee gets better.

that happened to make my day.

Bring it on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need somebody to test out my editing skills. I actually have a bunch of footage of her right now and I wanted to make a video with her and me in it, but I still have to film myself. When will your knee be better?

that is so better than filming puppys with wide angle lenses:)

now you need to make one where she’s wearing funny hats.


Funny hats you say? Like this one?



… and that too:D

Whoever made that hat must be a really cool guy.

she looks like a picachu

Haha!! That was awesome. You could definately turn that into a real tv show, I don’t think it will ever get old.

I need more cough syrup…

Ha! You guys are funny!


Was that racist?:smiley:

Anyways, lol

Nah, he sucks, I hate him. :stuck_out_tongue:

BBQ? :thinking:

Sorry I got lossed in the acronyms.

Completely understandable.

Aswell as how to spell apparently. Hah yes I am aware it should be lost.