Kaiser Wilderness/Huntington Lake

Howdy all,

I'm headed up to Huntington Lake in California for the first time next week.  It looks like it backs up against Kaiser Wilderness.  Anyone  done any Muni in this area before?


Since no one replied to this I’ll give a quick report after experiencing it first hand:

Huntington Lake camping was a little crowed but very nice. There were two short trails that I found in California Hiking, Rancheria Falls & Indian Pools

Rancheria Falls: 2 Miles Round Trip. Very well maintained trail with a latrine at the trailhead. Not much technical stuff on this trail but the scenery along the way and an amazing ~100 ft waterfall at the end makes for a nice reward.

Indian Pools: 1.5 - 2 Miles Round Trip. Easy hiking trail but more technical stuff for Muni. Lots of granite so bring along a helmet. The entire trail is along side a river with small waterfalls the entire way. Make sure to stuff your trunks in your backpack because there are tons of pools to swim in at the end of the trail. I recommend going a little farther up the river from the main swimming hole if you want more privacy.

Both of these spots start to get a little busy as the day goes on so I recommend going early.

Huntington Lake is not a prime destination for Muni but if you are on a family camping trip like I was, its worth bringing the muni along.