K1 Unicycles at Meijer.com

These have been discussed a lot lately and most of the discussion has surrounded paint schemes and frame preferences. I’m looking to get some info on the quality of the frames and wheels. I figure that this could be a good reference thread for anyone wanting to get one from there, or from one of the many other places selling them cheap right now(Kmart,Overstock,Sears,etc.) and had any questions about the specific differences in the ones that they offer and, about the specific strengths/weaknesses of each model. Also, advice on what they could/should be used for. I’ve heard that the steel framed ones dent easily but, I don’t know for sure. I’ve also heard that the hub isn’t really designed for big drops or heavy weight but, I don’t have any concrete evidence on that either.

To start out, I’m just going to post the different models that they have available right now. There are basically just 2, since most of them are the same with different paintjobs. I know that several of the short framed ones are aluminum but, I’m not sure which ones.

The Devil;
Red Devil, Gold Devil, Blue Berry, White Widow, White Russian, XTP Fluo

The Black Domina;
The Black Domina 2, Green Spirit, Alien Backflip

Feel free to post any facts about the unicycles that they don’t list online(crank length, complete weight, durability) and, anyone looking for specific things can either look up the other posts or, post their own questions so that the current/previous owners could answer them.

I know that some of this information is listed in other threads but, I was thinking that having one specific thread for all of it would be more convenient. I came to this conclusion when I was looking for specific information and couldn’t really find anything but vague generalizations.

I got a black domina 2. The wheel and seat were fine… the frame was defective, rubbing on the top of the wheel (not enough clearance). I haven’t been able to use it, but it seems it might work with a perfectly true wheel with a bald tire.

The complete weight of the Black Domina II is 12 pounds.

EDIT: Actually 11.5 pounds.

Others, myself included, have also had this problem. I ended up putting shims in the bearing holders, filing down the middle of the frame at the weld, and finally grinding down the knobs on the tire about 1mm. It now fits and rides great.

Perhaps he will chime in, but dHexed installed one of the new white try-all lite tires and it fit with no rub.

More can be found on this topic specifically in this thread.

dude try putting some risers in between the bearings and the bearing holders. like a little piece of rubber and thatll raise the frame up a bit :slight_smile:

Alright! Earlier someone else had mentioned putting something around the bearings and I haven’t done that yet so I guess I’ll try that next. I have already filed as much as I dare off the frame.

Got my BD on meijer, with no issues =/

BlackDomina 2 - happy, but tire issues…

Just got mine form Meijer. Nice for under 200 bucks delivered, but you do get what you pay for…it’s definitely solid, but I cant say it utilizes a lot of craftsmanship.

My tire also doesn’t clear the frame. In fact, I’d be livid if I bought something like this and hadn’t been aware of this issue and ready to deal with it. Milling roughly 4mm off the inside of the bottom with a 3" radius mill gave me reasonable clearance w/o compromising the welds too much and thereby weakening the frame. It looks good, perhaps I’ll figure out how to post the pics here later.

Aside from that issue, its pretty much just what I wanted. The pedals it comes with are big and gnarly, with setscrews for traction pins; they will probably be great when I learn to ride more than a few hundred feet, but for now they look like a disaster for my shins just waiting to happen. I’d recommend any beginner buying something like this plan on getting a set of cheap plastic pedals to learn on.

Seat is flat, and hard. Might have to work on that…


i got the white russian from em and its pretty nice, came to my house in 3 days or so. Its an awesome uni, the only thing i dont like is that the frame dents easy but its no big deal. :smiley:

I also got one of the Black Domina IIs and the tire used to rub against the frame. I’m glad I didn’t return it because it sounds like some other people have it even worse then me. I decided to file down the tube on the bottom w/o getting too far into the welds. As my tire wore down a bit more, it’s no longer a problem, except when i leave it in my car on a hot day and the tire expands, but summer is over so I don’t have to worry about that.

No wonder K1 dumped their Black Domina inventory to department stores, because they’re all not worth selling full price in Europe, but the other unis seem fine

btw the pedals that the Black Domina II /Alien Backflip come with are worth saving and selling. They’re actually super nice pedals, worth 40$ easily.

@ std5501

Does the white russian have an aluminum frame?

No, it has a steel frame.

Any live pics to share? I’ve been curious about them…

sorry I havent been home to check the forums but yeah unihoppers right. I’ll post some tomorrow, it looks way better in person than in the ads. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you mean the Black Domina II and the Green Spirit if you are talking about the metal pinned pedals, as that’s what I just received on my new GS. I believe that the Alien Backflip is the one with cheap pedals.

As was sort of mentioned, I just got a K1 Green Spirit from Amazon (listed as CFG Spirit or something) as overstock.com was out of stock when I went to order and it was cheaper than from meijer.com. So far I have no problems and the uni seems quite solid. Sadly this is the only picture I have as of right now:

I will try and take some more tomorrow that actually show off the uni individually - this one was just for personal size comparison.

Here’s those pics pitbull, this was right after I unboxed it, not as nice now… :roll_eyes:


Very cool looking…Can’t wait to hear after you take it for a spin…

I’ve had it for a month or two, first uni I’ve had so I have nothing to compare it too, but its very nice. Everything’s very smooth and it feels sturdy, I’ve taken it off a few drops and some muni and I can say it was well worth the money. :slight_smile: