K1 hub and crankset

I have a K1 hub and 125mm and 110mm cranks I want to get rid of.

I’m looking for a KH or nimbus hub, 125 mm KH cranks, or 127/110 mm KH cranks.

I’m open to negotiations, will ship anywhere, you pay shipping.


$100 cash with local pickup around December 18th.

i would like those 110mm cranks but i think 10$ it not enough :frowning:

If I still have them by then, sure!

At the moment the hub is laced to a rim, the rim is damaged but relatively round. I couldn’t tell there were any problems with it until I looked closely and noticed that the inner walls of some of the supports were snapped.

For another 20 bucks I will let whoever buys the hub to have the whole wheel.

Hey, thats my brithday… how thoughtful of you;) .

It was supposed to be a surprise, although I guess you have now ruined it :p.

100$ + 20$ For the wheel, Does that Include the MEC :smiley:

No it doesn’t include the Mountain Equipment Coop. It includes a sketchy rim strip though!