K1 Cranks on KH Hub

K1 have changed their specs that’s for sure. Roger from unicycle.com confirmed it with me at unicon

Definately agree with that. You might get old k1 stock, and some frames like XTP (black domina1/2??) have bearing holders too thick to fit on the kh hub.

I have a Nimbus trials frame.


on a nimbus frame it’ll be fine, it’s on the alu frames with big bearign holders it is problematic. But the k1 hub fits everywhere i think, simply because it’s not as wide as the kh hub so it’s basically easier to fit in frames.

Would the cranks work on a KH hub on a Nimbus frame?


I would give you a good chance of it working. You will have less Q factor and you still may run the chance of there not being enough spline and cranks being just a tad loose, which is no good. I think as long as you are not already rubbing your spokes on the inside of the frame you have won half the battle.

I cant tell you for sure tho only having all the parts right there in front of you will tell you for certain.

I think I’m going to stick with my QU-AX 10’s. Thanks for all your help guys!