K1 Cranks on KH Hub

Will K1 cranks fit on a KH hub?
Just so no one gets in my grills, I did search.


kinda a yes and no question. Its worked for some people and been horrible for others. I personally haven’t tried it so I dont have an opinion.
Also a rumor has been going around that koxx1 recently secretly switched to real Isis or something like that.

It depends on the frame. I dont think anyone has been able to fit them on a KH hub with a KH frame. The cranks rub againts the frame. I have fit them on a KH hub with a Freetricks frame.

Would an XTP frame fit on a kh wheelset ?

During Naucc, we took Phils Muni, KH frame and stock KH07 wheelset, and took his cranks off, and placed Koxx cranks on.

For the most part, Koxx cranks are just a tidbit bigger than a regular ISIS hub/cranks, so their cranks will fit.

Just try to test whatever you have first before you make a purchase or trade.

Im just going from what I think I remember, but if I remember right, I think because of the bearing holders of the XTP are so big and burly, they rub the spokes of a KH wheelset.

Id wait for someone to tell you though, who is more sure about it than I am. :o

Yeah, the holders are too wide and it rubs on the hub flanges. If your flanges are bent in a lot it may work. I have seen someone grind away a little of the inside of the bearing holders to get a black domina to fit on a moment hub. At unicon I tried to put an alien backflip frame on my moment wheel and it almost worked but the spokes rubbed the frame a little too much, I maybe could have ridden it but the wheel wouldn’t spin freely.

Hmmm i might think about grinding the bearing holders then…

Yes you must do that, we try to mount a KH07 Wheelset on an XTP frame at Unicon and it don’t work.

Yep, this one is silly. Nathan did it on his 07 KH hub with some recent K1 cranks and it worked fairly smoothly. Sometimes they don’t work at all though.

Depends on the hub, the newer hubs have “ISIS drive” written on them and a logo. Those fit all isis cranks. The older ones may have trouble but there is a shim available but i haven’t seen it.

That’s me. I grinded down almost 2mm. It worked well but the framecrown cracked after 9 weeks… :angry:

Thats not quite the full story, they weren’t recent cranks, they were quite old. Also you couldn’t tighten them down all the way so the right crank was still a tiny bit loose on the taper.

If you are going to try it then I would recommend putting on cranks purchased within the last month and one that haven’t been mounted onto a K1 hub yet, this way they will be guaranteed to have the most amount of metal still in the spline area as possible as each time you mount them you will be wearing down the insides and making them bigger and therefore less likely to fit on the KH hub.

I also haven’t heard of them not working at all, they will usually work to some extent but usually be loose.

Eroik is talking about putting K1 cranks onto a Moment hub, not the other way around.


Take a look at the Shameless that MDC sells. It is a whole KOXX Tryall wheelset including hub in a KH frame.


woops, well new k1 cranks that have the isis drive logo on them should be fine on any isis hub as for the k1 hub.

As far as I know though, only the 140mm cranks and the ISIS light cranks have been updated in any way though, if you wish to use their 110’s or 125’s you are kind of boned.

Unicorn, the KH frame on K1 wheelset has never been in question, it is the other way around that people are worried about.

The K1 hub has their hub flanges spaced closer together than on the KH hub, so when you put a KH hub into something not meant for a KH or Nimbus hub then odds are that the spokes will rub against the frame, unless of course you modify it like Eremit did.

I’m still pretty annoyed with how badly K1 screwed up, I’ve had my K1 hub for about a year and a half now (actually it might be longer, but still not too long) and I’ve gone through three sets of cranks, one due to a combination of bad design and dealer mistakes (these were replaced free of charge though), another died the same way (the pedal insert came loose) despite using the pedal washers and replacing them whenever they were worn out, and now on my third set of cranks the splines don’t fit correctly and you can’t tighten the crank down enough to make it not move, if you do you will end up crushing the spacer. I did this, crushed the spacer part way, realized what was happening and then realized that there was nothing I could do but either have a floppy crank or a crushed spacer.

All in all I’m not happy with the way K1 has screwed up their first lot of stuff, if KH screwed up that much stuff, I would expect a recall of some sort, but whatever, hopefully in a few months I will have no K1 stuff on my uni, it will be nice to have a uni that doesn’t fall apart.

There have been a couple of nice things to come from K1 though, like the new butterfly two’s seem like quite nice pedals and from what I have heard from users of them, they are actually really robust and great pedals.

I’ve got a Nimbus ISIS hub and I want to get 160mm cranks, but I wonder about the Koxx. I really don’t want to order them and have a fit problem.

So, is the conclusion:

Yes, the Koxx ISIS 160mm cranks (not Lights) will fit an ISIS hub such as Nimbus or KH.


No, they won’t fit.

I don’t want loose cranks or cranks that will screw up (crank spacer, pedal insert, etc…).

I think the conclusion is that Koxx cranks will fit ISIS hubs IF they are new.

That is only speculation on a rumor that K1 is changing their specs… I dont know about all that. That is certainly not a conclusion.

You can get any ISIS cranks on any ISIS hub if you are creative with spacers, or get rid of the spacers depending on whether your cranks are bigger or smaller than the ones that would normally fit that hub. The problem is the frame. It all comes down to if the spokes and or cranks rub against the frame. If you have a low profile frame with small bearing clamps and already bent in KH hub flanges you can fit any cranks you want onto that setup.

I dont think its safe to say that if you buy brand new K1 cranks and a brand new KH hub that you can use them both together on whatever frame you want.

It really depends on if you have enough parts and options to make your setup work. Building something from scratch with brand new parts you can not return (especially if you dont have tons of extra parts and pieces to tinker with)… I would stick with same brand parts.

Something I would like to add. If you put off brand cranks on a K1 hub you are gonna have more Q factor than a standard setup. As well as if you put K1 cranks on a off brand hub you will have less Q than the standard setup.


ntappin - What I was pointing out but brobably did not do a very good job at, is that even on the shameless they used a whole wheelset and did not mix cranks and hubs.

Now I am pretty confidant that you can mix all Qu-Ax, Nimbus, KH and bicycle cranks that are ISIS.

I myself am pretty conservative and stick to stock Unicycles for all the main parts. Obviously brakes and tires I do play around with.