K-1 Street Sell/Trade for 26"

As the title says I would like to sell my K-1 Street uni or trade it for a 26" unicycle. I might also go 29". Depends on the 29er. I’ll post pictures in the next day or so hopefully. It will be minus the carbonfiber seat that is on it.

how much to sell?

I’m thinking 300, but i am open to offers. It is the one I bought from spencer about a year and a half ago or so. I’m thinking you were wanting it. Still the same thing pretty much except missing a seat and possesing a newer Try-All tire and an MX tube. And a lot more scrarched up on the frame. Also I’m not sure how well the rim will hold up. It has done fine for me though and I have been rough on it. Probably not as much as you would be.


Sorry for the poor quality all I had was my phone. :confused:

Again seat is not included.