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so i had made a video a little while back, but i didnt like it. Plus i left out some clips. Here is a re-edit of that and some extra clips.

I know i havent put out anything in a while, but ive been busy with life so cut me some slack!




I enjoyed that a lot.

Cool edit.

I always like your videos.:slight_smile:
What was the name of the song?

Awesome video. It had a very real feel to it. Great editting and I really like your style of riding

That was a pretty sweet video. I liked some of the grinds.

But, I must say, 1 footers just look silly when Kevin Mcmullin isn’t doing them :wink:
(no offense of course)

Did you really have to ask that?

The song was playgirl by Ladytron.
I personally think the one-footer is a vastly underutilized trick and that they look good when anyone does them.

Good stuff, eh?

Why did you start wearing a helmet?

I think he is wearing a helmet because you can’t make much money or unicycle if your brain dead. i just think it’s a good plan, plus he has always worn a helmet for most things.

Sweet Video, you have to come back to vancouver soon (when it is not raining) and we can hit up some of the old spots again. and one footers are awesome. Old school street tricks are awesome, not everything has to have flips or spins

P.S who ever filmed for this video is cool… and is hopefully getting an A on his ASL assignment. Oh and is the coolest room-mate ever

haha thanks guys,

the riding is actually not all that great. After being in a 7 day a week course for a year, it made me kind of rusty. But hopefully ill be able to get out here soon and make something a little better.

ill hit some nice one footer variations for the next vid :wink:

wow, enjoyed it a lot!

The edeting was brilliant as always and the there were some very good lines . my favourite were the grind in the beginning, the blunt grind (?) at the sakte park and the rolling hop to pedal grap. well done on that. btw. did u tried to grind the rail at the skatepark on the right side with the stairs?

also liked the song.

yeah, if you watch the Vancouver street weekend ( i think part 2) i slide it in there somewhere.

so ya, haha

I thought the one footer looked alright.

That was a kool vid. Good editing and good lines of tricks. Maybe you should of put some single clips of harder tricks if you can do them though, just to show off your riding a bit more. I remember reading somewhere that you could tripleflip :P. Also some of the tricks not landed after each clip could of been left out I thought.

Good video. Love your ridding style. Whether its your best or not its still very much your own style.

Camera work did not do the riding and editing justice. :roll_eyes: sorry.

i think you and i should collab on a vid agent Q

Lets do it. We shall PM the rest of our plans as to not give away the secrets to our ninja skill.

Ergh… I don’t know. The only time I’ve seen a 1 footer look alright was kevin mcmullin’s 7 stair(I think) in defect. But that one looked incredibly outrageously awesome.

All the other ones are kinda cool but still kinda meh. They just can’t compare to Mr. Mcmullin’s.

I’ve never understood how to do 1 footers either… They don’t seem to work for me though i haven’t tried them much. So still props I suppose.

ill make sure to hit a nice big steezy mcmullin one footer for the next one;)

I think your flips look really cool

bitchen man

Sounds like a plan :wink: