Just wondering

So I was just wondering if i could takethis frame and use it to replace the frame on this unicycle.

I know that bearing sizes and seatpost diameter matter but I wasn’t sure about all that. I just want to “lighten up” my 24"er. I don’t have enough money to get a full KH 24", but I really need to upgrade it b/c it’s getting harder and harder to do trials on it.

It’s just a quick question that I need help with because I don’t want to order a frame and when I try and fit all the parts together I’m not all like, “Well…damn.”

You will need these spacers. Or you can make your own by putting aluminum tape (local hardware store) on the bearings to get them up to 42 mm.

I’ve heard the weight won’t make a big difference for trials. W/ my diminutive skills I noticed on the one I tried was it’s a teeny bit easier to maintain momentum up hills, and to push/carry up if on foot.

When I break the frame on my '06 DX I think I’ll replace it w/ a nimbus and use it for commuting/street/trials.

More $ for a full KH.

I would ride the dx

And if you want a KH 24, read this thread

It would be better to buy a whole KH and sell your torker, or at least much cheaper. You have to figure shipping costs etc.
I doubt, if you are unhappy with your torker, you will be happy until you have a complete KH or Koxx. Building one piece by piece will cost you a lot more. Just enjoy the ride you have , and then buy a new uni when you are ready.:slight_smile:

First of all, order your frame from Bedford if you’re gonna. It’s cheaper.

Second, get the 2007, not the 2005. It’s better.

Third, I say go for it, if you got the money and the want. It’s a better, lighter frame - a good upgrade.

Alright thanks for all the advice and Hopefully I can order one soon.

I had bad luck with the bearing adapter sleeves.

Adapted my Nimbus muni cotterless wheel to the KH frame with the bearing sleeves. The bearing caps had a gap between the cap and the frame. So tightening the caps would compressed the bearing. Leaving the cap screws loose enough to not compress the bearings, and the wheel would tilt and rub the frame with heavy pedaling up hills. I had a 3" wide tire.

I then upgraded to the KH wheel made for the KH frame, the bearings fit like a glove. The caps could be tightened to the frame, no gap, the bearings are not compressed, and are held securely.

So I think the adapters don’t work out as well as the correct bearing size.