just when things were looking up

I feel as if I had been stuck in a rut lately not learn anything new,but the other day i managed to do a few hops while standing on the tyre I can’t uni spin into it or anything but I can just jump from the ground.I can only do like 4 hops at most but it’s a lot of fun but I think i have pulled something in my abbs so it kills to jump on the tyre thus stopping me from doing it :angry: :angry: :angry: Have you ever had a dumb injury that stopped you from progressing?

if it is your abs that hurt your probably arching your back too much and thats bad. Try leaning forward and using your legs more. If that doesnt work try to do situps and then relax your stomach like 5 times then go work on jumps(hey and if that doesnt work at least its ood for your abs)

Re: just when things were looking up

Yup. I just had gotten back in after an ankle sprain; now I’ve just sprained my knee. My major slowdown is injuries.