just so that it isn't 666

someone informed me that the number of product reviews was 666, so i decided to break the curse and make a 667th. im a bit superstitious. anyways, just so that this isn’t a total waste of your time to read, i just ordered the new kh24" from unicycle.com… does anyone know when i should expect it to arrive? Is there some huge waiting list? Also, is the problem with peoples’ ankles hitting the cranks going to be fixed with the new model?


That Nubbin of the Beast has been removed for the 2004 model year of cranks…worth the wait!


Since this is way off topic, I’ll just add that I once had a cashier completely back away from a transaction and insist that a colleague finish for her when my bill came to $6.66.

I was amused.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I was at the DMV to renew my drivers license yesterday. They use three different numbering systems depending on the service you need.

One of the series called for number 666. I don’t know if I would have wanted to be guy coming forward at that point. He’s probably the one responsible for all the road rage.

I am too now when ever i say something bad about someone something bad happens to me!
eg today I said "god we are so crap at football"with in 5 mins i get hit in the face with the ball! many other things like this have happended

you are cursed

6 is my lucky number.
Does that make me 1/3 evil?

arrrg black unicycle!!
mayb i am cursed o well it’s kinda funny i think it’s stoped but thats when i comes back around to bite u in the ass!

haha me and my dad went to mcdonalds and he got a double cheese burger meal and i just got a crispy chicken sandwich and it came out to $6.66 the meal of satin as my friend just said as i was typing. dont even try it at your mickyds though those prices are always diferent even if its down the street.

I was just listening to Number of the Beast 10 minutes ago!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH
I love Maiden!!!


i like that material in my underwear.

I was the one who had noticed the 666 in the threads…After I told young mister tennisgh, he immediatly changed it (He’s going to heaven for sure) but I was actually kind of disappointed after it had changed, i thought it unique and I thought it was a good sell-point for hell-on-wheel…I must be sentanced to the burning below.


sorry, i didn’t recognize the importance of the connection between hell on wheel and 666…i guess we’ll just have to work on the section called “news and announcements” till they have 666 replies :slight_smile: sorry for stealing your find

-Angel Grant

no prob

Now that I know, I wish I had waited. That nub is killer.

my buddie lives on 666 St. Paul dr.

My first and last name have 6 letters, and my middle would too but my mother spelled it wrong (My dad wanted to name me after Jeb Stuart, but my mom spelled it Stewart).

Almost the Anti-Christ but my mom spelled it wrong.

well ha, i am 6 6 6.

Curses, foiled again.