Just showing off my muni brake mods.

I have had the brake on for a few years now but the original handle broke and I was too busy at work to make a new one. The original handle was somewhat like a Reeder and I activated the brake lever from the side with my thumb. I tried one of Kris’ and this is what I got. It works quite well and is fairly ergonomic. I put a pic of the caliper to spoke clearance to show why I had to go with an 8" rotor. I started out with a stock KH24 frame removed the rim brake mounts and made my own bearing caps. Then I reverse engineered the disk brake mounting tabs and modified a Shimano brake lever to fit under the saddle (carbon fiber that is). I then made an aluminum extension for the brake lever to fit up inside the space in the handle as you can see. I am using a Goodridge braided stainless brake line as well.


Thats Ace, but seeming as its a disk brake, does it not jolt you forward more when breaking? just wondering, also how better is it compared to a rim brake? and finally, congrats and a superb job! looks really well and i liek the brake lever idea.

Could you upload a picture of how you mount the caliper?

I always wondered if anyone was mounting disk brakes on munis, now I know.

Nice work!

Do you work that break leaver with your thumb? I would have never thought of that, its ingenious.

I would love to eventually put a disk break on my 26" muni because rim breaks don’t work with tire chains :slight_smile:

thats sweet but it seams way over kill and now you cant realy ride trials on your muni.

Disc brakes have way more modulation than a rim brake.

He probably has it setup so at it’s hardest it’s enough to only slow him down while going down a steep hill.

well thats a sweeping generalization. rim breaks can also be set up like that

you probably have to watch out fore the disk like not bending it on stuff and what not but good job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ahh yeah that would solve it!

also would it be possible to maybe make a disk protector onto the bottom of your bearing holder?

I saw a similar mod in Moab done by a guy from France… he used a smaller disk though. He told me he hadn’t had any problems with hitting the disk on obstacles… though it sounded like he used it exclusively for MUni. As long as you’re not trying crank stalls it shouldn’t really be a problem anyways…

Nice work!

Actually the modulation is pretty good. The only time I went over the top is when I stupidly (and I knew it when I started doing it ) tried using it while already on my way down a steep run.

Yeah, I do use my thumb. I find it works sweet.

Nope, I just modulate as needed. No hard stop on the lever, it will clamp full if I squeeze full.

I suppose it is overkill but it works smooth as butta and I don’t (read can’t) ride trials. I did however mount the assembly on the right side on purpose because I hop mostly to the left.

I always look when I drop it and I am amazed that I have not hit it yet myself. It is in quite a bit in the frame though. The pedals also protect it from hitting stuff quite a bit.

This is the best photo that I have right now. You can see where I welded the caliper bosses to the frame.

BTW, how do you get pictures to appear in the post instead of a link?

Well of course it does it now. I didn’t do anything differently this time though.

where did you that hub

I was wondering hte same thing…
A disc specific hub that works on a uni?

That is an old (2004?) KH hub. I made an adapter that screws onto the hub face then the rotor screws onto it. The new KH hubs would not work if memory serves.

Where did you get thoes crank bolts?