Just scored ANOTHER newspaper feature!

My first Newspaper Article won’t be out for at least a week, and today I was contacted by ANOTHER newspaper and they want to do a feature on Muni as well! Maybe with so many of us currently getting so much press, it will really help promote this awsome sport, and possibly lead to a guest shot on Leno! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Unicycling really needs publicity! We need to show people that juggling on a uni is nothing compared to MUni or trials.

You are doing a good service to the community in your area.

congradulations, I was photographed for the Ottawa Citizen the other week but they didn’t have the space they thought they did so they just emailed me the picture they were gonna use and it was pretty sweet.

ntappin, can we see the pic?
I think we should get a group of ottawa unicyclists to lobby the citizen :roll_eyes:
Do you ride with the jugglers?

Cool man! I, too, am gonna try to get on tv again, and get in a few other smaller papers.:slight_smile: