Just Ordered my KH 29"

And im super stoked! woooo

just thought i would share my excitement:) Im glad i waited to order it until now, i was going to order it last week but decided against it because i needed the money then…

But now i ordered it and am getting one of the “new” ones.

Thanks Kris and UDC for excellent products and superb service!!



You are going to love it! Big, fast, smooth, and a dream to ride.


Yeah, I like riding mine around town, but after riding the muni, the tire feels much harder going over bumps. Just something to get used to. Mine also came with 165 cranks, but I use the 137’s from my trials and it works great. The 165’s and 150’s are too much for regular street riding, but the 150’s are great for XC.

Good luck with it!

Good 4 u!:slight_smile:

My '05 KH29 is my favorite uni. You’re gonna LOVE it.

wooo im so excited!:smiley:
haha, i havent heard anything but good things about 29er unis.

i will let you all know what i think of when it gets here. im already feeling impatient, i wish i would have paid the little extra to ship it faster.

It’s going to be sweet! Be sure to put up pictures;)

cool. did you use the link when you placed the order?

no, unfourtunatley i have never heard of that before now:( but i will make sure when i order my maguras in a month or so i will use that link!

I still havent recieved an email saying it has been shipped, and when i review my order on UDC it hasnt been processed.
How long does it usually take to process and ship? I know the site says 24 hours but does that always hold true?

where can i order one of those in the u.s of a

i have ordered twice now from UDC.

The first time it took them three days to get it processed and shipped.

I ordered a Nimbus 36" last Wednesday (over a week ago) and it was processed by that friday but they never sent a shipping confirmation. I e-mailed them last night asking what was going on. Got a phone call this afternoon from UDC they asked what color I wanted the seat cover, I told them black and one hour later i got the e-mail from UPS saying it was on its way.

Long story short if they take much longer than a couple days an e-mail can get things going. They may be just wondering what color you want your seat :stuck_out_tongue: